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Academic tutors

Academic tutoring is an important and prominent part of the academic guidance and counselling of students in each degree programme. The degree programme has appointed the academic tutor who is an expert in the field and will support and encourage you throughout your goal-oriented study path. The academic tutor can change at different stages of the study path.

The role of the academic tutor is particularly important in the early stages of the studies when he/she works with the student tutor to integrate new students into university studies. During the transition points of the study path, the academic tutor supports the students in his/her group through individual or group discussions and seeks solutions to challenging situations. Supporting the student’s independent activities and motivation is essential. The need for tutoring decreases as your self-direction increases.

For more information on the implementation, consult the education and learning support experts in your degree programme and the faculties’ instructions on this page.

You can find the faculty/programme specific information below.


Published: 30.1.2019
Updated: 15.1.2024