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Tree – Continuing Education

Tampere Universities

Continuous learning services to build your competence and agility

Professional expertise is like a tree, firmly rooted in knowledge and always reaching for new heights. It stands strong no matter how the storm rages. It stands firm in our constantly changing world.

But as the world changes, we must let our tree of knowledge grow and evolve. What do growth and continuous learning mean to you? Do you want to grow taller and strengthen your roots of knowledge? Are you looking to branch out, expand your expertise and venture in new directions? Or maybe you want to plant a new seed that will grow into a something entirely different?

Whatever your answer, we are committed to delivering research-informed teaching and helping our learners reach their full potential and meet their goals. This is why we have launched Tree – Continuing Education, which brings all the continuous learning services offered by Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences under one umbrella.

These services include:

Tree brings our expert specialists and high-quality programmes under one roof and gives you easy access to further education. Continuous learning takes many forms but whichever you choose to pursue, your answer is Tree – Continuing Education.