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Future Leadership Skills education opens the door to better leadership and working life

Published on 16.5.2022
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Päivi Mayor ja Tiina Koskiranta.
"If you participate in the education with an open mind, your way of thinking and working will change for good", Päivi Mayor and Tiina Koskiranta promise.
Leadership is undergoing large changes. Serving and coaching leadership is gaining ground alongside the traditional leadership. Its most important characteristics are appreciation, humanity, teamwork and investment in wellbeing. TAMK’s Tree – Continuing Education will start Future Leadership Skills education in the autumn. It offers concrete tools for new leadership.

“A culture of appreciation, caring and humanity is needed in leadership in all fields,” states Development Manager Tiina Koskiranta from Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Continuous Education.

In modern leadership, occupational wellbeing is as important as performance.

“It is important to take care of yourself and others. We will discuss identification and processing of feelings as well as the importance of motivation during the education,” tells Principal Lecturer Päivi Mayor from Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

According to Koskiranta and Mayor, psychological safety marks out top teams from others. Leadership calls for procedures which take people’s diversity and individual needs into consideration. Good leaders know how to act with individuals but are also familiar with managing the whole team.

“Shared leadership belongs in the modern world. Everyone can act as a leader and thus help the whole team to succeed.”

The education makes use of TAMK’s top expertise in team and community learning. The educators are among the top specialists and pioneers of the field and have diverse expertise in working with individuals and teams.

Open mind and genuine interest ensure change

It is good if participants are genuinely interested in human-centred leadership, self-development and better working life. Participants do not need to have leadership experience but they can also join as team members.

“If you have noticed a need for change in leadership, Future Leadership Skills give you the right tools. If you participate in the education with an open mind, your way of thinking and working will change for good,” Koskiranta and Mayor promise.

The education opens new viewpoints to successful and modern leadership. Learning increases the sense of capability and encourages to take more responsibility at work. Studying takes place in close cooperation with the group. The education thus best suits people who like communal learning.

“We want that the participants, educators and specialists establish a community which also continues its development journey after the education. All leaders need to share their ideas and find peer support. This group will serve the purposes,” Koskiranta promises.

The education suits both individuals and teams. It is possible to purchase individual modules or all the three modules. The education takes place in contact and hybrid format in English.

Text and photo: Emmi Suominen

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