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TreSilienssi - Supporting students' well-being with strong cooperation and guidance

Tampere Universities
Area of focusSociety
tamk area of focusDevelopmental expertise in pedagogy

Funded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, TreSilienssi is a joint project for Tampere Universities whose aim is to support students' well-being and studies during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The extensive remote studying period caused by the pandemic has been stressful for many students. Students' well-being has decline, together with their social resources. The pandemic has also caused an uptick in loneliness.


Our goals

  1. Developing and adding small group activities for students
  2. Creating a concept for an easily accessible counselling and well-being service to support group guidance
  3. Offering students individual and group counselling and services to support mental well-being
  4. Adding counselling by study psychologists
  5. Putting together safe, communal student events

What we do

We strenghten the support services for counselling and well-being.

We will create a Well-being Helpdesk for students, which allows them to find our services from a single place.

We offer small group activities for students and organise events which support well-being.

We enhance students' motivation and strenghten the community spirit.