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TAMK Student's Handbook

TAMK Parvi: calendar, activities and support services


Parvi is support services, peer support, and helps you to connect with others. Parvi has various encounters, small group activities and events. Get to know the services of TAMK and its partners as well as the calendar and feel free to join. Remember to follow @tamkparvi on Instagram! :)


  • You can find Parvi's calendar here (Google-calendar)
  • Parvi is located on Main Campus, Service Street, B1-24
  • Some of the activity is also remote or hybrid, so please always see the event details by clicking on the event title in the calendar!

TAMK Parvi Chatbot & Chat:

  • You can find the chat in a pop up window in the right side on this page
  • Chat and chatbot provides guidance on issues related to studying or services
  • Chatbot is open 24/7
  • You can chat with Parvi's counsellor from 15.8.2022 onwards Mon, Wed and Fri from 9am to 11am & Mon-Wed from 3pm to 4pm

Counselling services walk-in:

  • special teacher, student wellbeing advisor, study counselor, career services and TAMK pastor are providing walk-in service regularly in Parvi (see Parvi's calendar)
  • we have also visitor shifts for collaborators essential to students (more info, see Parvi's calendar)
  • you may leave a contact request using this form (choose language in the top corner of the page)

Small group activity/peer support for studying:

Study courses:

  • Self-Leadership 1 cr, "This was a very good "self-study" course, i.e. I really felt that I was studying things for myself instead of doing assignments for someone just to evaluate them."
  • Finding Balance In Student Life 3 cr, "I believe that the information from the course is valuable to many students. In fact, I have spread the knowledge and information (like links) from the course to my friends and those who seem to have problems that the course addresses. Also, I absolutely love how the teacher has structured all in different places and having all the links and the boxes that can be ticked off and on to help with keeping up with the progress. It made my own life much easier."

 New friends and fun leisure time activities:

Our collaborators' services to improve your wellbeing: 

Created: 10.6.2021
Updated: 30.6.2022