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TAMK Student's Handbook

Accessibility and individual study arrangements for student

The term “accessibility” refers to an environment that affords everyone an equal opportunity to work or study regardless of their personal characteristics. The obligation to promote accessibility is based, among others, on the Non-Discrimination Act (1325/2014).

Tampere Universities are committed to taking accessibility into consideration in all our activities. For example, our Facilities Management staff develop the accessibility of physical facilities and our IT Services staff develop the accessibility of web content and electronic services. 

If you need individualised support because of a learning difficulty, an illness or disability, you are eligible for individual study arrangements (former special arrangements). Tampere Universities started using the term 'individual study arrangements' as of 1.8.2022, instead of the term 'special arrangements'. The proposals for special arrangements that have been issued before that will remain in force as such according to the validity period mentioned in the proposal.

Individual study arrangements may not undermine academic standards or the integrity of assessments. They are provided to help students, who would otherwise be put at a substantial disadvantage by their condition, achieve the expected learning outcomes. The policy promotes equality of opportunity by enabling reasonable adjustments to be made to help all our students undertake and demonstrate learning.


Teachers and teacher tutors have a key role in supporting the learning of our students.

The student counsellors of degree programmes offer support for students, teachers and teacher tutors with issues concerning special arrangements. They may also consult the heads of degree programmes, the special needs teacher and the head of studying and wellbeing services, if necessary.

We offer our students a range of support services that meet their individual needs:

Support offered to all students

If you have an illness or injury that you are expected to recover from in a few weeks’ time, our teachers may grant you adjustments or special arrangements on a case-by-case basis to help you overcome the limitations of your illness or injury and support your wellbeing. The teacher will decide whether you will be expected to present a medical certificate.

You may be allowed to use your own ancillary aids or the services of your own personal attendant during a course. You must agree on the use of these services with the course teacher when the course begins.

Additional support

Degree programmes offer a wide range of activities supporting the academic progress of students such as revision workshops and courses offered as freely elective studies.

You may contact your teacher tutor or student counsellor in case you need additional support and personal guidance. If you lack motivation, or have challenges with time management and study skills, you can also contact our Study Ability Counsellor

TAMK Parvi offers various activities and events supporting studying and wellbeing. Sparris workshops are designed for students who want to revise and improve their study skills. 

Special support: individual study arrangements

You may need special study arrangements, if you have a diagnosed learning difficulty, illness or disability. If you have problems with reading or writing, you will qualify for individual arrangements if you have dyslexia that severely complicates your studies. Students who request individual study arrangements must present a certificate issued by a doctor or other expert that indicates their learning difficulty, illness or disability and states how it affects their ability to demonstrate and undertake learning.

Degree students, students of professional teacher education and students pursuing path studies or cross-institutional studies are eligible for special arrangements. Please read how to request individual study arrangements.

English language assessment

If your mother tongue is not Finnish and you feel you have challenges in reading, writing and reading comprehension (dyslexia), please get in touch with Marianna Leikomaa (marianna.leikomaa [at] (marianna[dot]leikomaa[at]tuni[dot]fi)). TAMK cannot offer official diagnoses nor certificates, but we can see if you would still be entitled to Individual Study Arrangements for your studies at TAMK.

Note: Tampere Universities will start using the term 'individual study arrangements' as of 1.8.2022, instead of the term 'special arrangements'. The proposals for special arrangements that have been issued before that will remain in force as such according to the validity period mentioned in the proposal.

Accessibility services offered by the Library

If you have a proposal for individual study arrangements, you can borrow course books with an extended loan period, 4 weeks. If you are print-disabled, you can borrow textbooks free of charge from Celia, the national centre for accessible literature and publishing in Finland. Please read more about our Library’s accessibility services and Celia audio books.

Accessible exam room

Accessible exam room (B1-23) is located on TAMK Main Campus, Kuntokatu 3, Service Street. Read more about individual arrangements in exams.

Campus accessibility

Read about campus accessibility (link to the intranet).

More information

  • Student Cousellors of TAMK
  • Maiju Ketko, Special needs teacher, email: erityinentuki.tamk [at] (erityinentuki[dot]tamk[at]tuni[dot]fi)
Published: 30.1.2019
Updated: 19.6.2024