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Obtaining individual study arrangements

Who is eligible for individual study arrangements?

Degree students, students of professional teacher education and students pursuing path studies or cross-institutional studies are eligible for special arrangements.

How to request individual study arrangements?

If you need individual study arrangements, contact your student counsellor. The personal appointment offers you the opportunity to discuss your needs and potential individual  arrangements. During the appointment, you may receive a Proposal for Individual Study Arrangements. Take medical certificate or other expert statement with you to the appointment. You can also show health records from My Kanta pages ( If necessary, the student counsellor can consult the special needs teacher in matters of special support.

You are not obligated to use your Proposal for Individual Study Arrangements on all your courses or exams. Please use the proposal when you consider individual arrangements necessary for you to complete a given course or exam.

Agree on individual study arrangements with teachers

When you agree on individual study arrangements with your teacher, you need to present your Proposal for Individual Study Arrangements and discuss the possible arrangements with your teacher. Please be sure to contact the teacher as early as possible, so that there is enough time to put the necessary arrangements in place. You are responsible for providing enough information to your teacher, so that he or she is able to make an informed decision and provide you with the necessary support.

Individual study arrangements are tailored to the needs of the individual student and the expected learning outcomes of courses and degrees. Individual arrangements may not undermine academic standards or the integrity of assessments. They are provided to help students, who would otherwise be put at a substantial disadvantage by their condition, achieve the expected learning outcomes. Our individual study arrangements policy promotes equality of opportunity by enabling reasonable adjustments to be made to help all our students undertake and demonstrate learning.

What individual study arrangements are available?

The types of individual study arrangements include, for example, extra class time, additional time for completing an exam, the possibility to split an extensive exam into smaller sections, a quiet room for sitting an exam and the possibility to verbally supplement a written exam. You may be granted individual arrangements for completing an electronic exam (especially additional time), but teachers may not use the resources granted under your Proposal for Individual Study Arrangements for this purpose.

Students who are granted the Proposal for Individual Study Arrangements may receive up to 20 hours of additional support per academic year. The arrangements provided to you are recorded on the electric form, so that it also serves as a tool for allocating teaching resources.

Individual study arrangements at Tampere Universities cross-institutional studies

Students of TAMK may be provided with individual study arrangements while pursuing studies at Tampere University and vice versa:

Students of TAMK who complete courses at Tampere University

If you have been granted TAMK’s Proposal for Individual Study Arrangements, you can use the proposal at university, too.

Students of Tampere University who complete courses at TAMK

If you have a University-issued Proposal for Individual Study Arrangements, please contact TAMK's special needs teacher to get TAMK instructions (email: erityinentuki.tamk [at] (erityinentuki[dot]tamk[at]tuni[dot]fi)). The scope of support that may be available to you at TAMK depends on the number of credits that you will complete at TAMK (typically 2 hours of individual arrangements / 5 credits).

Published: 30.1.2019
Updated: 22.2.2024