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Students' well-being

The Tampere Universities community’s aims are wellbeing of students and good study experiences. Please contact us if something puzzles you.

On this page, you can find the following sections:

  • Help and support
  • Support of wellbeing
  • Study and life skills
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Leisure and new friends
  • Substance abuse and gaming
  • Accommodation and livelihood
  • Guidelines and further information on different situations

Parvi Chatbot is open 24/7 (you can find the chat in a pop up window in the lower right corner on this page)

  • Chat and chatbot provides guidance on issues related to studying or services
  • You can also leave a message via chatbot.

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Help and support

Koppari helps in searching and finding

Koppari helps you to find a suitable service at TAMK and in Tampere region if you need help with academic progress, wellbeing, human relations, health, substance abuse, finances, accommodation or employment.

To Koppari

TAMK’s guidance, counselling and support services

Diverse guidance, counselling and support are available for students. You can find them all here. We also collected available wellbeing support on this site.

Counselling and support services for students

Find your student counsellor

You can have help for planning, beginning and continuation of studies from your student counsellor. You can discuss your career plans, study ability and motivation with them. Student counsellors cooperate with teacher tutors.

Student counsellors

Do you need a special needs teacher?

TAMK’s special needs teachers and special needs teacher team support your learning. You can participate in Sparris workshops which support your learning and academic progress. The student counsellor, student wellbeing advisor or other expert can refer you to the special needs teacher. Special needs teachers also take dyslexia tests (in Finnish).

Accessibility and individual study arrangements

Concerned about your ability study?

Study ability counselling may support you in situations where your ability to study efficiently is affected for various reasons. With the help of the Study coach, you can map out your need for support and guidance..

Study ability support services

Pastor listens

Life is a journey. Sometimes the end of the path is missing, the road seems to come to a dead end or grief breaks you down. Talking helps. Discussion opens new possibilities and changes the perspective. Please contact us when you need to talk with someone.

Cooperation with congregation

Wellbeing in studies and leisure

TAMK Parvi

TAMK offers support your study ability. Parvi has various encounters, small group activities and events. Parvi is located at Main Campus, Service Street, B1-24. Get to know the services of TAMK and its partners as well as the calendar and feel free to join!

TAMK Parvi Calendar

SportUni – Best University sports in Tampere

SportUni offers high-quality and diverse sports services for students and staff of Tampere Universities. You can use the sports services on three campuses at a fair price.


Join Tamko’s clubs

Join Tamko’s diverse cultural and leisure activities. Tamko supports numerous subject, hobby and community clubs with the aim of offering something for everyone. You can also borrow sports equipment from Tamko’s office.

Tamko’s clubs

BreakPro pause exercise

The BreakPro workout app developed by physiotherapists reminds you to take breaks from work and helps you maintain an ergonomic posture and improve your well-being. The app contains 108 short workout videos. Mindfulness and vocal exercises are also included.

Break pro workout app

Opiskelijan Tampere - Events

The students in Tampere are lucky in many ways, because well-located and attractive Tampere is also the most student friendly city in Finland. Here you can find different kind of student events. Feel free to join!

Opiskelijan Tampere events

Smooth running of your studies

Accessibility and individual study arrangements

Accessibility means that you can study regardless of your characteristics. If you have learning difficulties or an illness or disability which affects studying, you are entitled to individual study arrangements in your studies.

Accessibility and individual study arrangements

Participate in study skills workshops

Special needs teachers hold study skills workshops during the academic year.

Study skills

Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ)

Questionnaire is a self-report survey asking questions about your motivation for and attitudes about your studies.

Motivated Strategies for Learning

Information searching in your studies and beyond

Information searching skills are a central factor throughout your studies, and you will be able to develop and deepen your existing skills at various points during your studies. All information searching studies have been designed to support you, both in your studies and in working life as a part of lifelong learning.

Information searching studies

Initial assessment for integration of international students by Mainio

Multilingual Info Mainio offers Initial Assessments and advisory services to international students in Tampere who have lived in Finland for less than 3 years. The service is completely free of charge. During the assessment, an integration advisor will help you identify any possible needs, be it, language trainings, employment services, startup networks & events, hobbies or other integration aspects. Expert advisors will then help with planning your integration and help you connect to the services that you may need.

Initial Assessment for International Students

Instructions and additional information for different situations

What to do when a fellow student wellbeing or behaviour raises concerns? The Early Support Model was developed to encourage the members of our University community to care about one another. We are all responsible for creating a caring and supportive atmosphere on campus.

Have you experienced harassment? Inappropriate, discriminating and insulting talk, messages or e-mails don’t belong to TAMK as they don’t belong to any other place of study or work. Our Harassment Contact People support and give advice to students who have experienced disturbance of any form. All of the contacts you can reach by using this email address: harassment [at] (harassment[at]tamko[dot]fi).

If you face a crisis (this link requires login) -  The Crisis Group supports the TAMK community in crisis situations, offering psychosocial support to students and staff affected by a traumatic events. You can find more detailed crisis management instructions and contact persons in the link above.

Substance abuse and gaming

TAMK’s substance abuse programme - The starting point of Tampere University of Applied Sciences' substance abuse programme for students is to support student wellbeing. The substance abuse programme aims at an intoxicant-free studying environment, prevention of problems, recognision of substance abuse, and early intervention. The substance abuse programme also aims at increasing awareness of intoxicants' effects on individuals' wellbeing, studying and working life.

Substance abuse and dependence concerns - Since 1996, AddictionLink has been Finland’s most popular site dealing with substance abuse and addiction. The website is intended for substance abusers, their families and friends and all those interested in objective information on substances and addiction. The service is also useful for professionals and students working and studying in related fields.

Peluuri helps with gaming issues - Support, counselling and information in gambling problems. 

Secure kampus

Safety observations - Safety observations can be used to prevent hazards and accidents and to promote well-being at the workplace. Only identified hazards can be managed so the observations have an important role in safety promotion. No safety observation is too trivial to be reported. If you notice something what can cause a accident, repair what you can and inform it to occupational safety personnel by Granite Safety observations form. More information and link to the form you can find in Students' Handbook (link is above).

See the TAMK Handbook for more information about security.

Also, check out Code of Conduct for the Tampere University Community.

Health and wellbeing

FSHS’ services

FSHS’ services are uniform around Finland. You receive services of the same level – no matter where in Finland you study. You can see here what is included in student health care.

Student health services

Nyyti ry - Promotes students' mental health and ability to study

Nyyti’s chat supports students 

Nyyti’s chat enables sharing of thoughts and experiences. You can discuss in private or participate in groups to discuss students’ everyday life.

Nyyti Chat

Nyyti’s life skills course as self-help

This is for you if you are puzzling over wellbeing matters. On the course, you can find answers to the following questions: What do I need to feel well? Where do I find strength for my everyday life?

Life skills course as self-help

Time management - Be the star of your life

Time management stands for organisation of time use in such a way that you can use most of your time for important and meaningful matters. Good time management does not mean that you should be as efficient as possible all the time.

Improve your time management skills

Useful health and mental health sites

Mental Hub’s self-care programme and online therapy

MIELI: good mental health - The mission of MIELI Mental Health Finland, is to support and promote good mental health, considered essential at all levels of society and in all spheres of life. MIELI provides expert services and training, sells journals and guidebooks as well as produces brochures and promotional material in order to meet its aims.

Living in Finland as a student

International House Tampere support you with living, working, studying and connecting with local employers.

International House Tampere

Start using JobTeaser service

You can find vacancies, practical training places and information on interesting Finnish and European employers in the JobTeaser service. Select career events which interest you. Read more and start using the service.

Read about and log into JobTeaser service