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Study Ability Support Services

TAMK's Social Counselling for International Students offers advice with many practical issues. See details:

Over the course of your studies, issues may arise that bother you and you would like to discuss with a professional. Multiple factors and issues in your personal life may affect your ability to study and work efficiently. (Read more about study ability here: Ability to study - FSHS (  

If you feel your ability to study is affected and you would like to talk to someone about how you are feeling, do not stay alone with your thoughts. At Support for Studying and Wellbeing Services we offer confidential discussion, support and guidance for those in need. If you are unsure which professional to turn to, you can first look for a suitable service at:

You can also contact:

TAMK's, Study Ability Counselling, Elina Champaneri 

TAMK's study ability counsellor can support you in challenges related to your study ability. These may be related to your personal resources, life situation, relationships and study skills. Together with Study ability coach, you can map out your need for support and guidance, and work out possible solutions to your situation.

Meetings can be organised face-to-face on campus or remotely on Teams. The duration of an individual meeting is approximately 45 minutes.

We promote students' well-being including psychological, emotional, social and mental welfare. We participate in several student well-being networks, incl. TAMK's Working Group on Student Wellbeing, TAMK's Crisis Group, FSHS / Kauppi Campus Working Group on Health and Tampere Universities' Working Group on Study Well-being Program. Also, professional support is provided to academic tutors and student counsellors related to student well-being issues.

Published: 30.6.2020
Updated: 15.9.2023