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Guidance and counselling services

There are many people in TAMK whose job is to help you​.

In TAMK, the aim of the guidance services is to give you support so that you would make good progress in your studies leading to a career that is satisfying for you. We hope, above all, to support your health and wellbeing so that you can grow to be an active student and then a professional in your chosen field of study.

You can contact the following people when you have questions or feel a need to discuss the practicalities and guidelines concerning your studies, plan your studies, gain more international experience, plan your career choices and look after your health and wellbeing. We hope to give your support either in individual meetings or in group activities.

If your questions concern course implementations be in touch with the respective teachers.


Every student belongs to a group and every group has a teacher looking after that group. They are called either a teacher tutor or a coach

Your academic/ teacher tutor or coach is your first point of call when you have issues to deal with. This teacher is in regular contact with your group and passes on important information. Every year you have a chance to review your situation with this person.

List of academic tutors​

More complicated questions concerning your studies? Contact your student counsellor

Each study programme has a Student Counsellor (”opo”) who helps individual students who needs help in planning their studies or getting accreditation for previous studies or skills acquired. Student Counsellor is your point of call when your circumstances change in ways that affect your studies. He or she will also help you to find other kind of professional help.

List of Student Counsellors of TAMK

Student tutors offer peer support

Who would know better what it feels like to start in a specific degree programme than someone who started in it the year before? Every year, a group of students is trained to help the newcomers to become familiar with each other and the systems in TAMK and Tamko (the Student Union). Peer tutors and degree tutors (for English speaking programmes) walk alongside the first-year students of a degree programme during their first year. International tutors help exchange students. You are more that welcome to apply to be a tutor!

More information about peer tutoring​

Study affairs coordinators work in the study services helping with administrative affairs

They are your point of call when you need official papers, like a transcript of records or various certificates. They maintain the student register and make sure your documentation is up to date.

Information about study affairs services (=opintopalvelut) and list of the study affairs coordinators​

International services work on the possibilities on going on exchange or doing your internship abroad

You can complete part of your degree in a University in another country. Each degree programme has a coordinator who can help you. choose the best destination to meet your professional goals. He or she will also help you to draw detailed plan on which courses to take.

Information about international services and list of the international coordinators​

Career Services supports your career choices

Career Services uprovides services for students to help them find out what sort of careers they are wanting to build. Watch the Intranet for workshops and events. You can also ask for help with your CV. We want you to have a fulfilling worklife so don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Information about work life services and booking a consultation​

Study Coach supports your ability to study

We are very aware that various things in your life affects your ability to concentrate on your studies. Together with TAMK's Study Coach, you may reflect upon and develop your skills in relation to e.g., your study techniques, time management skills and motivation.

Information about Study Ability Support Services

Need help in developing studying skills? Welcome to Sparris workshops!

If you find studying and working in an academic environment challenging there are Sparris workshops to help you. Some of them are in Finnish and some in English. You dont’ need to enrol in advance. Look for help when you need it!

Schedule for the Sparris and other sessions

International Students are helped out by a Social Counsellor

As you enter Finland, there is a lot of paper work to deal with. You might also need help in establishing a home in Tampere and adjusting to a new culture. The Social Counsellor specialises in helping you with these issues.

Information about Social Counselling for International Students​

Pastor listens

Life is a journey. Sometimes the end of the path is missing, the road seems to come to a dead end or grief breaks you down. Talking helps. Discussion opens new possibilities and changes the perspective. Please contact us when you need to talk with someone.

Information about the Services for Students by the Lutheran church and contact information​

SportUni – The best University sports in Tampere

SportUni offers high-quality and diverse sports services for students and staff of Tampere Universities. You can use the sports services on three campuses at a fair price.


Student health care

From 1st of January 2021 onwards the student health care services will be provided by the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).

Here you can find more information at student health care