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Computing Sciences

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  - Confusius

The unit of Computing Sciences (CS) is a multidisciplinary hub for research, teaching and learning across a wide range of topics in information technology.  We are in numbers over 450 staff members, 46 professors and 50 full time teachers, 7 BSc, MSc and PhD study programs, 2000 enrolled students, 300 courses, 200 master graduates, 150 research projects, 550 scientific publications, and a lot of coffee per year. Despite the impressive numbers, the most important fact is our brilliant staff that makes all of this happen. Following the slogan of our university we are the human potential unlimited – the influence on the industry, society and scientific community. We work on three campuses: at Tampere city center and Hervanta as well as at university consortium of Pori.  

Our main themes are:

  • Virtual environments that enable the next level of life in the interaction, development and operations with humans, machines and systems 

  • Machine learning and AI, both developed for and applied to wide range of information technology processes, products and education 

  • Technologies, methodologies and knowledge that the digital world is build upon  

  • Software development and software based solutions on network, cloud and industry 

  • Human-technology, human-machine and human-media interaction, user experience design 

  • Data security in cloud computing and in the prevention of side channel attacks 

  • Mathematical and statistical modeling and analysis for the applications on economy, industry and society 


We are strong especially in: 

  • Extremely broad variation of competences and disciplines; responsible and talented members of staff 

  • Scientific spearheads, e.g. ERC projects, center of excellences

  • Strong competence and working models for acquiring external funding 

  • Ethical and sustainable ways of working and creating outcomes 

  • Broad and versatile collaboration with companies 

  • Remarkably broad and high-quality curriculum on IT  

  • Innovative and motivational ways of teaching and learning  

  • Great reputation among the students and collaborators 


Follow our activities and news on the blog of the Computing Sciences Unit and on Twitter