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About me

I am a professor of mathematics. My research areas are mathematical logic and logic in computer science.

I am leading the Tampere Logic Group.

Research topics

Definability theory of generalized quantifiers

Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse games and formula size games, and their applications

Descriptive complexity theory: logical characterizations of complexity classes

Modal and first-order dependence logics and team semantics

Research fields

Mathematics, theoretical computer science

Selected publications

L. Hella: Definability hierarchies of generalized quantiers. Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 43 (1989): 235-271.

L. Hella: Logical hierarchies in PTIME. Information and Computation 129 (1996): 1-19.

L. Hella, L. Libkin, J. Nurmonen, and L. Wong: Logics with aggregate operators. Journal of the ACM 48 (2001): 880-907.

P. Galliani and L. Hella: Inclusion logic and fixed point logic. Proc. 22th Annual Conference the EACSL (CSL), 2013, pages 281-295.

L. Hella, M. Järvisalo, A. Kuusisto, J. Laurinharju, T. Lempiäinen, K. Luosto, J. Suomela, and J. Virtema: Weak models of distributed computing, with connections to modal logic. Distributed Computing 28(1) (2015): 31-53.

L. Hella and A. Kuusisto: Existential second-order logic and modal logic with quantified accessibility relations. Information and Computation 247 (2016): 217-234.