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About me

My work has focused on the numerical mathematics of inverse problems since 2001. My dissertation completed in 2009 concerned numerical forward and inverse methods of biomedical imaging. Currently, my research concentrates on advancing the mathematical and computational methodology in the imaging applications of life and geosciences, where highly advanced technological applications often comprise incomplete data and scarce a priori information leading to ill-posed inverse problems. Characteristic to inverse imaging is that, in addition to the measurements, the quality of the results depends also on various other factors such as the applied measurement approach and mathematical methodology. Owing to the recent rapid increase in computational resources and the ability to handle massive amounts of data, the number of numerically approachable problems is growing constantly. 

Since January 2019, I have served as an Associate Professor, Mathematics, Tampere University, where my goal is to continue and extend my ongoing international research cooperation. I am a team leader in the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Inverse Modelling and Imaging (2018-2025).