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Doctoral Programme in Information and Systems

Tampere University

Reach the top in data sciences


Postgraduate degree (University)

Degree earned

Doctor of Philosophy

Planned duration

4 years

Extent of studies

240 ECTS



Information processing has become a core activity for the running of organisations, society at large, and global development. Operations and events generate tremendous amounts of raw data, which is needed to provide information for different purposes through data analysis. Information processing, software and information systems are a crucial part of the running of contemporary society. Their development, however, is still highly challenging. Data analysis and information processing are founded in mathematics and statistics and their research. The aim of Doctoral Programme in Information and Systems is to provide training that prepares students for working as researchers and experts in these areas.

The major subject available are Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics. To be awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree, a student must complete research-related doctoral studies 40 ECTS and a doctoral dissertation 200 ECTS. Highly educated experts are in demand in the areas of this doctoral programme. The employment outlook is good for people holding doctorates in this field. Come explore exciting new opportunities with our research teams!

NB: The Doctoral Programme in Information and Systems merged with its research fields into the Doctoral Programme of Computing and Electrical Engineering from August 2021 onwards. The rearrangement diversifies teaching content in doctoral education and enhances utilization of synergies in research fields. Further information about the merger can be requested from cee.doc.tau(@)

Doctoral programme in Information and Systems - Tampere University