Welcome to start a new academic year with TLC!

15 August 2023

Welcome to the start of the new academic year! We invite you to explore the pedagogical support offered by the Teaching and Learning Centre of the Tampere Universities Community and to network with others interested in teaching and teaching development.

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) of the Tampere Universities community is a network that brings together pedagogical expertise and the information and services needed by teachers. TLC supports all those who teach in our community by increasing community spirit and offering opportunities for networking.

The TLC network’s public website provides information, training, events, and self-study material for all those working in higher education in both Finnish and English.

On the TLC website, you can find, among other things

  • Teaching in HE section deals with services related to the work of a teacher, as well as themes that promote the individual teacher’s agency and development as a member of a community of experts. It also explores ethical and diversity issues related to teaching.
  • Planning and implementation of teaching section explores learning and teaching design and delivery from different theoretical perspectives. The content of this section will allow you to deepen your knowledge through good examples, materials, and practical tips. This section will strengthen the development of teachers and teaching staff’s teaching and pedagogical culture.
  • Pedagogical Research and Projects section provides access to research groups and projects in the Tampere University community.
  • TLC Blog allows the Tampere higher education community actors to highlight topics from their everyday life. The blog focuses on educational development, teaching insights, the wonder of learning, and everything that higher education teacher encounters in their work.
  • TLC News is used to publish both the newsletter and more targeted news.
  • Events Calendar collects information on training and events related to teaching development organised by the higher education community. Some events are also open to people outside the higher education community.
  • Ask for pedagogical support provides expert services, both personal support for individual teachers and training for groups, teams and degree programmes. Requests for support can be sent either by email (tlc@tuni.fi) or using the form on the website.
  • Teaching and Learning Centre provides a networking platform for staff in the higher education community on Teams. The TLC community provides a better opportunity to network around a special interest group (SIG). The TLC has open channels, some with a facilitator or facilitators. New channels will be created on the basis of requests from the higher education community. Join the discussion in Teams.

Have a nice autumn!