Ask for pedagogical support

TLC’s operations are based on joint knowledge formation and sharing. Its purpose is to support the teaching staff of the higher education community by promoting the sense of community and offering opportunities for networking.

Tampere higher education community staff can request help and training for pedagogical planning through TLC. The service is constantly being developed to meet the needs of the higher education community.

For short and simple questions, we still recommend browsing the links on TLC’s Support Services. In questions related to information systems and digital tools/technologies you should always primarily send your question to IT Helpdesk via email: or through the chat lock.

How can I use the TLC’s expert service?

First, consider which themes or skills you need support with. Can this need be met with short and straightforward answers or are you instead hoping to improve your skills more extensively or in a more long-term process? Or should this theme be considered together with your colleagues, team or unit? Is the matter in question related to developing a community or is it focused on a certain duty of the community, such as curriculum work?

We are primarily encouraging people to request training for a group, team, degree or educational programme, specialisation programme or similar unit. Personal support is also available for such tasks as planning study units and building an online course or for other pedagogical solutions. You can submit a request using the attached form (only intended for the members of Tampere higher education community). These requests will then be sent to the appropriate experts in the higher education community, who will contact you for further details. Please note that this support request is therefore not a suitable solution if you need a question answered right away.

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