Open Education Week 2024

8 March 2024

Open Education Week has been celebrated from 4 to 8 March and we have opened a page on the TLC website called Open Education and Open Educational Practices.

Openness in teaching and learning gives all learners an equal opportunity for continuous learning. The advantage of open educational resources is that they are available to learners throughout the learning process, thus supporting deep learning. Co-development and further development of educational resources is made possible through free online sharing.

The purpose of openness in teaching and learning is to expand access to and participation in learning for all and often open education takes place using digital technology. Openness to learning diversifies opportunities for teaching, learning, knowledge creation, co-creation and sharing, and links formal and informal learning paths. We can enable participation in learning by lowering barriers and increasing accessibility, supply and learner-centeredness.

As a member of the Tampere Universities Community, you can also join the discussion in Teams on the new TLC Community channel SIG – Oppimisen avoimuus – Open Education. Welcome!