Teaching and Learning Centre’s pedagogical principles

TLC promotes the higher education community members’ opportunities of evolving and qualifying as teachers. The education strategy of the higher education community emphasises high-quality pedagogics, integrating teaching with new research data and links to development and innovation work carried out with working life. This requires continuous pedagogical development and offering the teachers opportunities to grow professionally.

Learning-oriented and communal operations together with future-oriented research and development promote the higher education community’s comprehensive well-being, thus creating prerequisites for further improving the quality of education and research to an internationally high level.


Our practices are versatile and flexible and support learning. Our operations support full-fledged agency and comprehensive development into a member of the expert community. The higher education community supports the teacher as a pedagogue and as an expert of their own work and offers them chances to diversify learning in all educational fields.

Community spirit and inclusivity

Our operations are based on joint knowledge formation and sharing. The pedagogically managed teaching and learning operations of the higher education community produce ethically sustainable solutions. Our methods are multidisciplinary and multicultural, we are aware of the diversity of our higher education community and act accordingly.

Research and development

The diverse research and project activities of the higher education institutes facilitate wide-ranging national and the international innovations and development of new skills while also helping build an impactful the higher education community of experts. By studying, reflecting on and developing one’s own work, a teacher can open up new paths to professional growth and career advancement.


We are actively taking part in the research and development of current phenomena and building national and international networks and we are aware of society’s and working life’s constant change. We take into account the goals of sustainable development and pay attention to new technologies, studying their potential for promoting competence. We will create new interesting learning opportunities and build a healthy work community through wide-ranging and multidisciplinary competence and diverse pedagogical methods.