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Tampere University as an employer

Tampere University is a unique, boldly forward-looking, developing community and one of Finland’s most multidisciplinary universities. Almost all internationally recognised fields of education are represented at our university. Openness, critical thinking, diversity, learner-centredness, courage, erudition and responsibility are our core values. At Tampere University, the spearheads of technology, health and society collaborate in a special way. Our research groups and projects conduct multidisciplinary and multisectoral research over organisational boundaries. Our higher education community is international, and our community members come from over 80 countries.

Our principles of recruitment

In line with the University’s strategy, we recruit, support and build the capacity of bold innovators of the future. Through successful recruitment, we strengthen the highest level of scientific and societal excellence in our community. To us, equality and non-discrimination are important principles. All our applicants are extended similar respect and all recruitment decisions are made taking into account the principles of equality and non-discrimination.

Read our recruitment principles (OTM-R)
We are commited to the principles of HR Excellence in Research quality label

Teaching and research at Tampere University

At our University, each researcher teaches and each teacher conducts research, but the share of teaching and research tasks varies between posts. We have compiled information for you who are interested in researching and teaching at Tampere University.

Career as a specialist and service positions at Tampere University

In addition to teachers and researchers, our University also employs close to 1,400 professionals working in service positions in their respective fields. We employ, for example, IT, HR, financial and laboratory professionals, innovation experts, communications specialists and other experts supporting teaching, training, and research. Join us to have a meaningful career: you will support our top researchers in their work as solvers of global challenges, our teachers in teaching and our students in their studies.

Supporting the development of work and capacity building

  • Interesting tasks, job rotation and promotion opportunities
  • Versatile ways to develop expertise: internal and external training and education, Open University and Open University of Applied Sciences (UAS) courses, continuous learning
  • Flexible ways of working

Read about Open University coursesRead about Open UAS courses

Work-life balance

Work-life balance

  • We support our employees’ cultural and sports activities
  • SportUni offers great opportunities for sports and exercise on all campuses
  • Tampere is a compact city close to nature with short commutes and good public transport

Read about SportUni’s service

Support for well-being

  • Comprehensive occupational health services
  • Affordable restaurants and cafés on all campuses
  • Ergonomic and modern tools and facilities
  • Bicycle benefit
  • One working hour per week for exercise
  • Meeting free lunch time and meeting free Friday recommendations

Family matters

Hidden Gems initiative is the spouse programme of the Tampere University. The initiative aims to facilitate the networking, employment and full integration of the spouses into the Finnish society. Finland has been repeatedly rated the happiest place to live in the world and Tampere as the most attractive city in Finland to live in. With high quality education for your children and the unique Hidden Gems activities to support your spouse, we assure you are making a good choice for a new beginning.

Relocating to Tampere and Finland

You might be wondering if Tampere and Finland is a place for you. To help you decide, we collected you some basic information on Tampere and Finland as place to work and live in. We also know that moving to a new country can be sometimes overwhelming with all the things to remember. Thus, we have collected a to-do-list and some useful information to help you relocate to Finland and Tampere.

Building a sustainable world together

We are creating solutions for climate change and the preservation of natural environments and fostering the prosperity and sustainability of societies. In line with our strategy, we are increasing the University’s international attractiveness and the retention of talents by investing in mobility, international recruiting and relocation services. We are a global community actively collaborating with our international partners to build a sustainable world together.

Our values are responsibility, openness, critical thinking, diversity, learner-centredness, courage and erudition. These values are reflected, among other things, in the way we appreciate different people, fields and traditions, promote opportunities for learning and development, challenge established truths and have a passion for tackling the world’s most wicked problems together.

Read more about our strategy and values

Sustainable development in our community

We promote sustainable development in our community and in teaching, research, innovation and development, and societal interaction. We are looking for multidisciplinary, effective responses to promote sustainable development locally and globally. We are creating solutions for climate change and the preservation of natural environments and fostering the prosperity and sustainability of societies.

Our Human Resource Programme

Our Human Resource Programme is based on the University’s strategy. The strategic planning and recruitment of personnel, skilled professionals and an inspirational work community are the foundation of the programme.