Tampere University as an employer

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We are committed to becoming the best employer among universities in Finland

Our recruiting principles

According to our strategy, we recruit, support and develop brave reformers of the Future. With the help of successful recruitments we enforce the higher level scientific and societal knowledge in our community. Equality and non-discrimination are important values to us. All our applicants are treated with equal recpect and equality and non-dicrimination principles are being taken into account in all our recruiting decisions.

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Support for your everyday work and professional development

  • We help our employees tap into their full potential and develop their expertise by offering them interesting positions and opportunities to rotate between jobs and seek professional growth. 
  • Our employees have access to a variety of professional development opportunities, such as internal and external training, courses at the Open University of Applied Sciences and the Open University and on-the-job learning
  • We provide a broad range of resources to facilitate project and group work
  • Flexible work arrangements (such as flexitime for support staff and telework options)
  • Comprehensive occupational health services
  • Affordable campus restaurants and cafés
  • Ergonomic and modern work environment and tools
  • We follow the general collective agreement for Finnish universities

Healthy balance between work and personal life

  • We support the cultural and sports activities of our employees.
  • SportUni offers excellent sports and exercise facilities on all our campuses.
  • Tampere is a compact lakeside city with effective public transport and services within easy reach.  

As a researcher in our university

Our tenure track career model

HR Excellence in Research is an award given to us by the European Commission for developing our researchers' work conditions and career possibilities. It is also an acknowledgement of our inspiring, functional and equal work environment. Tampere University is commited to developing the work conditions, career options and recruiting of our researchers as well as to creating a good work environment for the researchers as outlined in the HRS4R quality work.

Read more on our HRS4R quality work

We aim at an increasingly transparent, many-sided approach in our research assessment. As the first Finnish university, we are committed to DORA declaration (San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment). A reliable and transparent assessment of the scientific merits is important to us, especially in recruiting.

We also take into account the national recommendation on the responsible evaluation of a researcher. Its goal is a responsible evaluation process from start to finish. The general principles of researcher evaluation are transparency, integrity, fairness, competence and diversity. We aim at complying with the following principles on responsible researcher evaluation:

Transparency. The objectives, methods, materials and interpretation of the results are known to everyone involved in the evaluation. The evaluation is conducted in a manner that is understood by all the parties involved. The evaluation process and all its stages are clearly and transparently described. We ensure that the choices made in the evaluation work are properly reasoned and the evaluation documented in a reliable manner.

Integrity. Evaluation is conducted in accordance with practices recognized by the research community, such as integrity, diligence, and accuracy.

Fairness. All those subject to evaluation are treated equally and impartially. Evaluation takes into account only relevant factors that have been brought to the attention of all parties concerned. Characteristics or cir­cumstances associated with persons being evaluated or people close to them that are irrelevant to the objective of the evaluation are not used as evaluation criteria.

Competence. Evaluators have the necessary substantive competence and knowledge of the objectives and methods of the evaluation process and with the principles and practices of responsible evaluation of a researcher. In addition to their qualifications, we pay attention to evaluators not having a conflict of interest and to their collective expertise being diverse.

Diversity. We take into account the diversity of research and outputs in the evaluation.

Read more on the responsible evaluation of a researcher (responsible research website).


    We value and support teaching competence

    Tampere University aspires to connect teaching and research closely. We also foster high-quality pedagogy and value and support teaching in our university. Successful recruiting is a key factor in developing our education and learning activities with this goal in mind. Read more on how do we assess teaching competence at the university and see also the table of the assessment criteria.

    We are a part of Finnish and European EURAXESS network

    We are actively involved with EURAXESS network. EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion is an initiative delivering information and support services to professional researchers. Backed by the European Union, member states and associated countries, it supports researcher mobility and career development, while enhancing scientific collaboration between Europe and the world. Our international-hr [at] tuni.fi (International HR team) functions as EURAXESS Service Centre advising the researchers who consider moving to Finland in matters related to relocation.

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