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People bicycling at the Hervanta campus.

Sustainable development at Tampere Universities

Tampere Universities is building an operating culture that promotes sustainable development in community activities, teaching, research, development and innovation, and social interaction. We are looking for multidisciplinary and effective responses that promote sustainable development locally and globally. We are creating solutions for curbing climate change, preserving the natural environment, and building the well-being and sustainability of societies.

Sustainable universities community

Tampere Universities promote sustainable and ecologically, socially and economically responsible operations in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainable development in education

The goal of Tampere Universities is that all our fields of science and education provide concrete means to increase the sustainable development of society. This goal is also reflected in the learning outcomes we have set.

Sustainable development in research, development and innovation

We are committed to promoting sustainable development in our research, development and innovation activities and to seeking solutions for the continuous renewal of society. We are conducting research and development in an ethically sustainable way by adhering to sound scientific practices.

Sustainable campuses

Tampere Universities promotes sustainable practices in the use and development of campus facilities as well as in the actions of our community members and stakeholders.

Social interaction

Tampere Universities collaborate with the private, public and third sectors to promote sustainable development in society.