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Tampere Universities' sustainability and responsibility goals

Tampere Universities community aims to become carbon neutral by 2030. Here you can find our sustainability goals and the sustainable development roadmaps which showcase our community’s steps for furthering sustainability and responsibility in the coming years.

Our vision for a sustainable Tampere Universities community in 2030 inheres the following aspects:

  • Sustainable development is integrated into all degree programmes, and related learning outcomes are defined in the curricula.
  • All students have an understanding of sustainable development and an ability to help build a carbon-neutral future.
  • When new activities are planned and implemented, actions for addressing climate change, sustainability issues and promoting carbon neutrality are always considered.
  • Staff actively participates in promoting sustainability across the community.
  • The results of research and development carried out at Tampere Universities are applied locally, nationally and globally to support climate action.
  • We set an example to others. Our specialists and students promote sustainable development and carbon neutrality across society.
  • Tampere Universities community has developed its activities, reduced its emissions in all activities is becoming carbon neutral (net zero emissions).


Our community's cornerstones for developing carbon neutrality:


  • Energy- and resource-efficient campus buildings; monitoring, repairs and maintenance activities that support carbon neutrality.

  • Sustainable travel by staff, students, and partners.

  • Sustainable, climate-friendly procurement and product lifecycle management.

  • Community-wide commitment to promoting sustainable development.

  • Community-wide participation in developing new solutions and models.

  • Sustainable, responsible, and virtually assisted teaching and events.

  • Sustainable and climate neutral catering services.

Sustainable Development Roadmap

We explain the detailed plan of our sustainability work and its timelines in our Sustainable Development Roadmap.