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People at University's opening ceremony in 2019.

Social interaction

At Tampere Universities, social interaction means the organisations’ and the community members’ engagement with various stakeholders for the benefit of society.

Tampere Universities have a strong foundation for social interaction. Their societal impact arises especially from the results of education, research, development and innovations. Breakthroughs in research help to promote, for example, public health and to reduce harmful effects on the environment. Our graduates renew working life with their know-how and fresh ideas.

Tampere Universities engage in numerous forms of social interaction, such as continuous education, education exports, development cooperation, research on services, Pori and Seinäjoki University Consortia, and making our facilities and laboratories available to cooperation partners.

Popular publications, societal expert tasks and experts’ media appearances also bring the ideas of our experts to the attention of a wider audience.

In addition, research projects can be linked to the development projects of companies or communities while, for example, visiting lecturers from those companies and communities bring their practical experiences to our courses. Students are a large and significant group of influencers who bring their skills and development ideas to work communities during internships and thesis writing.

Working together for a more sustainable world 

The significance of social interaction as one of the basic tasks of Tampere Universities will continue to grow in the future. Societal challenges – for example, in the field of sustainable development – are so complex and interconnected that the capacity of individual actors is not enough to overcome them. Thus, finding solutions requires cooperation between the different sectors of society. Tampere Universities can gain valuable information and expertise from the good partnerships they have with their stakeholders.

Many problems associated with climate change or pandemic management are huge and global: the perspective of an individual field of study requires other fields to achieve an overall picture, and cooperation must also extend to areas where one’s own resources are insufficient. 

Social Interaction Council

Tampere Universities community has appointed the Social Interaction Council to help form a full picture of the social interaction and impact of our community. The Council also supports the planning, follow-up and evaluation of social interaction. The Council is tasked with raising the higher education community's awareness of the forms and good practices of social interaction and with promoting interaction within the universities community.

The Social Interaction Council consists of members from different faculties, units and levels of organisation at Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.