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Experts in a workshop

Working in an expert position

Skilled professionals and an inspiring work community are important to us. Developing the competence of our staff is a goal-oriented, long-term activity in which we consider both the strategic goals of our university and the career advancement of our employees. In addition to the development of academic skills, the development of expertise is at the heart of our capacity building. We pay attention to good and responsible management, teamwork, and the development of an international operating culture.

We are building a culture of continuous learning at our university. A variety of professional development opportunities from coaching to on-the-job learning support your continuous development. In our expert tasks, you have good and versatile opportunities for training and developing in your profession.

We support the accumulation of professional skills in the different stages of your career. You may aim to become either an in-depth expert in your field or a supervisor.

Tampere University is the workplace of experts in many fields

Universities are often thought of as the workplaces of researchers and teachers, but we have also some 1,400 experts work in various support jobs at our university. 

We employ, for example, IT, HR, financial and laboratory professionals, innovation experts, communications specialists and other experts supporting teaching, training, and research at our University. With us, you can support our top researchers when they solve global challenges, teachers when they teach and students when they study! 


Why should you work with us?

  • Meaningful work supporting education and research in accordance with your values
  • Interesting, meaningful work
  • Versatile development opportunities in your career either as an in-depth expert or a supervisor
  • Flexible work arrangements, for example, flexitime, multi-local work and teleworking according to your job, family-work balance