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View from Koskipuisto park

Working in Tampere and Finland

When you are considering coming to work with us, naturally you are also interested on your future home town and home country. So, we collected you some basic information on Tampere and Finland as place to work and live. See you soon in Tampere!

Why Tampere?

Tampere is a vivid, growing inland city of about 235 000 inhabitants and the third largest city in Finland. According to us Finns, Tampere is the most loved residential and tourism city in Finland.  Tampere is also one of the most popular cities in Finland to study in. Why? Tampere is a functional entity in a compact size; almost everything you need is within a walking or a biking distance in the city centre. Well-organized public transport services, numerous sport and hobby possibilities as well as good services and special stores enable good life for everyone. Tampere is a city of innovation and technology, as well as that of culture and theatre. Tampere is surrounded by two beautiful lakes, and its scenery is dominated by both its scenic waterways and industrial heritage.

Tampere Region

Tampere City Region is one of the most attractive growth centres in Finland. Tampere Region is formed around city of Tampere, and it includes the towns of Kangasala, Nokia, Orivesi, Ylöjärvi as well as municipalities of Lempäälä, Pirkkala and Vesilahti. Tampere region is located in the crossroads of the main traffic ways, which makes it easily reachable within Finland. Tampere region is home for more than  385 000 inhabitants.  


Finland is a country of interesting contrasts, such as the four seasons, the Midnight Sun and winter darkness, urban and rural, East and West.

In Finland, public healthcare is funded by taxes, and the patients pay only small patient fees. In addition, virtually everyone who is employed is eligible for employer paid occupational health care. Care for children and pregnant women is mostly free of charge. Daycare is affordable, and Finnish comprehensive school (lasting 9 years, from 7 to 15 year-olds) is free of charge. The income taxation might seem high at the first sight, but you get a lot with your tax money!

Finnish people work hard, but also value spending time with family and friends. Finland was recently nominated as the happiest country in the world for a third time in a row (UN World Happiness Report 2020). We are also proud of our gender-equality in working life. The balance between working and private life is highly appreciated, and most parents with relatively small children are also working full-time. For researchers especially, you do not need to choose between an academic career or having family, you can have both!

Most Finns speak fluent (or at least understandable) English, so you should get by without knowing any Finnish. However, we encourge you to learn some Finnish, and take advantage of the numerous Finnish classes that we offer here at the University, especially if you are planning to stay any longer, as it will ease your integration to the Finnish society.

Regardless of their position in the company, most people are on a first-name basis, and this also applies to our Tampere universities. We all respect and value each other, but once you have met us, you can just call us by our first names. 

Tampere - this is home.

"A promise of things to come has been planted into the rough brick walls and the rows of windows rise ever higher. The city skyline may change, but you can always find that familiar feeling in Tampere. This is home. " Watch this short video telling the story of our beautiful home town.