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Tampere University's strategy and key information

We work together to build a sustainable world. On this page, you can get to know our strategy, values and key information.

The new multidisciplinary Tampere University brings together research and education focusing on technology, health and society. Our collaboration with our partners is built on our strengths, unique combinations of  disciplines and applied expertise. We develop solutions to tackle climate change, preserve the natural environment and improve the well-being and sustainability of societies.

New areas emerge from fundamental research

Strategic actions

The actions that support the University strategy are especially focused on: 

  1. the scientific quality and impact of research, 
  2. the quality and impact of education, 
  3. increasing the University's international attractiveness and retention, and  
  4. tapping into the synergies offered by the Tampere Universities community.

Being a new university, we will implement a human resource programme during the contract period to strengthen our community and the well-being and expertise of our staff as well as take measures to build a University-wide organisational culture.

Our work is based on a continuous pursuit of new knowledge and scientific breakthroughs.

Yliopisto kytkee yhteen tekniikan, terveyden ja yhteiskunnan tutkimuksen ja koulutuksen.

The values of Tampere University


Manifested in our passion to join forces to tackle the world’s most vicious problems. We feed inspiration for creating inventive and open-minded solutions.

Critical thinking

Manifested in us challenging established truths and engaging in an appreciative and constructive dialogue. Constructive critical thinking drives creativity. Our operation is founded on the freedom of thought and expression and an atmosphere of trust.


Manifested in our appreciation of different people, fields and traditions. We encourage cooperation and identifying new potential. Our foundation is laid on equality.

Erudition - Bildung

Manifested in our scientific and artistic ambitions both within individuals and the community. Appreciation for others encompasses all our actions.


Manifested in us promoting learning and development potential. Our operation is driven by the learners’ best interests. Everyone learns in our community. Our aim is to evoke curiosity and a thirst for learning.


Manifested in our communications, decision-making and the way we open our community up to society to highlight our scientific achievements and maximise our impact. Our mutual interaction is open-minded.


Manifested in our research, education, the way our community operates, and societal impact. We lead the way in sustainable development.

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Key information of Tampere University

Tampere University is one of the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland. Almost all internationally recognised fields of study are represented at our university.

Tampere University awards nearly 3,700 degrees annually. About one-third are awarded in the fields of engineering and about a quarter in social sciences.

The University has over 21,000 degree students of whom

  • 9,400 study for a bachelor’s degree
  • 7,400 for a master’s degree
  • 2,400 for a doctoral degree
  • 3,000 new degree students are admitted per year

In addition, 1,500 students are pursuing a specialist degree in medicine.

The University faculty annually produce approximately 3,600 scientific publications. Of them, 32% represent the top or leading level and 68% the basic level.

We annually produce about 1,500 international co-authored publications and 350 publications authored in co-operation with businesses.

In 2019, the budget of the University totalled €321 million. The most significant sources of external research funding are the Academy of Finland, Business Finland, EU Framework Programmes and Finnish foundations.