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Tampere University's strategy and key information

We work together to build a sustainable world. On this page, you can get to know our strategy, values and key information.

Our university brings together scientifically excellent and high-impact research and education in technology, health and society. Together with our partners, we are developing solutions to improve human health and wellbeing, societal resilience, and environmental sustainability. We are creating new knowledge and expertise that stand the test of time.

Our strategic goals

In 2030 we will be:

  • a thriving university community
  • an internationally esteemed research university
  • an educator of world-changing experts, and
  • a strong partner and an active societal influencer.

Our cross-cutting development themes

  • The principles of sustainable development guide our operations.
  • We renew our operations through digitalisation.
  • We are active in international networks.
  • We use the opportunities of collaboration in the higher education community.

Our profile in research and education

  • We bring together research and education in technology, health and society.
  • We are looking for solutions for building a more sustainable world at the interfaces of these fields, together with our partners.
  • Our strong themes include, among others
    • well-being
    • sustainable urban development
    • gamification, and
    • research of light.
  • We actively look for and support the development of new emerging fields.
  • We strive to be an internationally esteemed research university, an impactful educator, and a strong partner and an active social influencer.

The values of Tampere University


Manifested in our passion to join forces to tackle the world’s most vicious problems. We feed inspiration for creating inventive and open-minded solutions.

Critical thinking

Manifested in us challenging established truths and engaging in an appreciative and constructive dialogue. Constructive critical thinking drives creativity. Our operation is founded on the freedom of thought and expression and an atmosphere of trust.


Manifested in our appreciation of different people, fields and traditions. We encourage cooperation and identifying new potential. Our foundation is laid on equality.

Erudition - Bildung

Manifested in our scientific and artistic ambitions both within individuals and the community. Appreciation for others encompasses all our actions.


Manifested in us promoting learning and development potential. Our operation is driven by the learners’ best interests. Everyone learns in our community. Our aim is to evoke curiosity and a thirst for learning.


Manifested in our communications, decision-making and the way we open our community up to society to highlight our scientific achievements and maximise our impact. Our mutual interaction is open-minded.


Manifested in our research, education, the way our community operates, and societal impact. We lead the way in sustainable development.

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Key information on Tampere University

Tampere University is one of the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland. Our University brings together research and education in technology, health and society.
There are around 22,500 students working towards a degree at the University, of whom more then 19,700 are studying for a bachelor's degree or a master’s degree and more then 2,700 for a doctoral degree. Almost 4,200 new students enroll in our degree programmes each year. In addition, around 1,600 students are competing medical specialty training.
We confer about 4,400 degrees in our ten fields of study each year. Roughly one third of masters-level degrees are awarded to students who complete engineering programmes and a quarter to students who specialise in social sciences. One in ten degrees are taken by students of medical science or health and welfare. 

Get to know key information on education
We employ around 4,200 people of whom more than 3,000 are teaching and research staff, 100 work at the Tampere University Teacher Training School and more than 1,000 are support staff.
Our researchers publish around 3,600 peer-reviewed scientific papers a year, of which almost 40% are ranked to the top two levels according to the Finnish system for measuring the quality of research output (JuFo). In 2023, the share of openly accessible papers rose to 84%.

In 2023, Tampere University’s turnover amounted to of €354 million. We received €204 million in government funding. The majority of our research funding comes from the Research Council of Finland, the European Union, Business Finland and domestic foundations.

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The new foundation-based Tampere University was established through the merger of Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere in 2019.

FINEEC quality label indicates that our University's operations and quality system have passed the FINEEC audit.