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Tampere University’s principles of recruitment

In line with our strategy, Tampere University recruits, supports and builds the capacity of bold innovators of the future. Through successful recruiting, we strengthen the highest level of scientific and societal excellence in our community.

Transparent, fair recruitment processes

Our recruitment processes are transparent and take into account the principles of fairness, equality and non-discrimination. We mainly use an open recruitment process for filling vacancies. International recruiting is encouraged, and it is done in a goal-oriented manner.

Our University has a four-level research career model supported by the tenure track career path.

Read more about our tenure track career pathTampere-University’s policy for equality and non-discrimination 2021-2022 (PDF)

Application and recruitment process

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We publish all our open positions on our website. Apply the position that you are interested in by leaving an application in our electronic recruiting system. After the application deadline, we will send invitations to the candidates that we wish to interview and notify the candidates that will not move forward in the process. In addition to interviews, we may use other evaluations in our recruitment processes. When we have made our decision on the selection, we will inform the top candidates on it. Work at Tampere University can begin once the employment contract is signed (Picture: Linda Saukko-Rauta, Redanredan).

As a rule, we recruit employees in accordance with our HR plan. At our University, human resource planning is strategic on all levels; it is ambitious, responsible, and sustainable and in line with our values ​​and mission.

Our calls for applications are published and applications are submitted via our electronic recruitment system.

Open positions at Tampere University

The appointment process involves people who are relevant to the vacancy. When necessary, preparatory groups manage the process of filling our vacancies.

We treat our applicants equally and consider the principles of equality and non-discrimination in our appointment decisions. During the recruitment process, we inform our applicants about the progress of the application process in suitable ways.

We use appropriate methods to assess our applicants such as peer review, interviews, presentations of research work, video interviews, psychometric tests, and assessments of teaching competence. We assess teaching competence when filling teaching-focused posts and, if necessary, other posts.

The appointment of employees is based on an overall assessment of the applicant’s competence and suitability for the vacancy which has formed during the recruitment process based on the applicant’s skills, experience, and other merits.

Read more on our recruitment policy (PDF)