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Responsible evaluation of researchers

National recommendation for the responsible evaluation of a researcher

In recruiting, we also consider the national recommendation for the responsible scientific assessment of researchers. Our goal is to have a responsibly implemented evaluation process from start to finish. The general principles of researcher evaluation are transparency, integrity, fairness, competence, and diversity. We strive to adhere to the principles of responsible researcher evaluation listed below.


The objectives, methods, materials, and interpretation of the results are known to everyone involved in the evaluation. The evaluation is conducted in a manner that is understood by all parties involved. The evaluation process and all its stages are clearly and transparently described. We ensure that the choices made in the evaluation work are properly reasoned and the evaluation documented in a reliable manner.


Evaluation is conducted in accordance with practices recognised by the research community, such as integrity, diligence, and accuracy.


We treat all those subject to evaluation equally and impartially. In evaluation, we take into account only relevant factors that have been brought to the attention of all parties concerned. Characteristics or circumstances associated with persons being evaluated or people close to them that are irrelevant to the objective of the evaluation are not used as evaluation criteria.


When we choose evaluators, we ensure that they have the necessary substantive competence and knowledge required for evaluation. They must know the objectives and methods of the evaluation process. We also require that they are familiar with the principles and practices of responsible evaluation of a researcher. In addition to their qualifications, we ascertain that evaluators do not have a conflict of interest and their collective expertise is diverse.


Evaluation must take into account the diversity of research and outputs.

DORA declaration

At our university, we strive for an increasingly open and diverse evaluation of research. We were the first Finnish university to sign the DORA declaration (San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment). Reliable and transparent assessment of scientific merit is important to us, especially in recruitment.

CoARA - Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment

We are committed to promoting responsible assessment in accordance with the Agreement for Reforming Research Assessment by CoARA. The agreement sets out common guidelines for changes in the evaluation practices of research, researchers and organisations engaged in research, and the overall objective of the agreement is to maximise the quality and impact of research. The agreement requires the signatory organisations to draw up and publish a plan for the implementation of the agreement. The Tampere University plan was completed in April 2024.