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Faculties and units

Our university has seven faculties. This page gives you direct links to the faculties and their units. In addition, you can find information on our support services.

Support Services

Education and Continuous Learning

Education and Learning
Director Jukka Mäkinen

Student Services and Admissions
Head of Unit Kaisa Keskitalo

Services for Educational Leadership
Head of Unit Kati Toikkanen

Working Life Relations and Continuous Learning
Working Life Services, Head of Development Anne Korhonen
Continuing Education Services, Head of Unit Mika Kurki

Research Support

Research and Innovation Services
Director Pauli Kuosmanen

  • Preaward team, Research Funding Manager Tuukka Pöyry, preaward [at]
  • Postaward team, Research Funding Manager Sonja Kokkonenpostaward [at]
  • Research Development, Head of Unit Anu Juslin
  • Innovation Services, Head of Unit Harri Länsipuro
  • Partnerships, Head of Unit Pasi Vakaslahti

Doctoral School
Research Director Pirjo Nikander

Finnish Social Science Data Archive
Director Helena Laaksonen

Information and Digitalisation

Figure describing the organisation of Tampere University. More detailed description in the caption. All links to faculties and units can be found from this page.
The research and teaching activities at Tampere University are undertaken by 7 faculties which comprise a total of 23 units. Support services for the University are provided or procured by a service organization which consists of 11 units which are organized into 4 service divisions. The service divisions are led by the President, Provost and Vice Presidents. The faculties are led by deans.