The Degree Programme in Theatre Arts (NÄTY) is a degree programme concerned with actor training and the study of acting offered by the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the University of Tampere.
NÄTY’s training combines artistic, professional and social points of view.

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The Degree Programme in Theatre Arts is a five-year training programme preparing students for the acting profession. It is divided into three-year studies for a Bachelor’s degree, structured on the basis of phenomena, and two-year studies for a Master’s degree, during which the student examines one or more phenomena or subject matter of their own choice through the art of acting.

The study of theatre arts is multidisciplinary and multisensory joint learning and growing, aiming for an artistically and professionally competent, and versatile artist who values their own work and can justify it from a social perspective. The Degree Programme in Theatre Arts provides the student with the capacity to pursue and develop the art of acting in its various forms in the future. The goal is for every student to create their own theatre.

The starting point for the studies is an appreciation of the physicality and comprehensiveness of the art of acting – everything the actor does comes together and is realised in their physical activity and thoughts. The studies are furthermore characterised by the collective and performing nature of theatre work. The art of acting occurs in performances in a variety of surroundings with diverse people and materials

International cooperation

A future actor is a global citizen with the ability to function in diverse cultures and environments, and internationality is what defines NÄTY’s activities. The degree programme organises internationalisation studies, international teaching, student exchanges and other collaboration for both bachelor and master-level studies. In addition, students are encouraged to implement their own international projects and supported in their participation in international events, such as festivals.

NÄTY is involved in a number of international networks and projects. Our most important partner is the Norteas network, composed of theatre and drama schools in the Nordic and Baltic countries. In addition to annually organised student and teacher exchanges, NÄTY has partnered up with Norteas to produce the Sustainability project, aiming for the sustainability of the performing arts and artistic professions, in 2017–2018.

NÄTY’s cooperation with Coventry University started in 2015, with the research and education project Telepresence in Performance Training and the Performing Arts, which studies telepresence in the training of the performing arts. The project’s first phase, Coriolanus Online, won the first prize in the Arts and Humanities category in the awards ceremony of the Reimagine Education competition, held in Philadelphia in December 2016.


The University of Tampere’s first professional acting course, which lasted two and half years, started at the beginning of 1967, at the initiative of the University’s drama studio (Draamastudio), which had been established in 1960. Ultimately, twenty-three students had the chance to visit the most modern stage in Finland, Teatterimonttu, in the new wing of the University of Tampere, under the leadership of Matti Tapio.


The premises of the Degree Programme in Theatre Arts are located on the Main Campus of the University of Tampere. Teatterimonttu is a black box-type theatre which functions as the principal rehearsal and stage space for NÄTY’s teaching and research. It is located in the D wing of the Main Building on the Main Campus.

In addition to Teatterimonttu, NÄTY has access to two rehearsal spaces, singing and speech training premises, a sound studio, a dressmaker’s workshop, wardrobe and a joiner’s workshop. The premises managed by NÄTY are also rented for external operators when the teaching curriculum allows for it.

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Teatterimonttu technical data


Kalevantie 4, D-osa
33100 Tampere


+358 (0) 40 1901 522


University of Tampere Main Building, D wing, Kalevantie 4.
The theatre can be accessed both via stairs and a lift.

Teatterimonttu’s location on campus 

Ticket reservations Mon–Fri 10 a.m.–3 p.m.

Tel. +358 50 3951 197 or via e-mail to teatteri@uta.fi

Tickets booked in advance should be collected from the ticket office no later than 15 minutes before the start of the performance.

The ticket office in the lobby of Teatterimonttu will be opened an hour before the start of the performance.
Admission to NÄTY’s Open Monttu (Monttu auki) events is free.
Tickets can be paid in cash only.

Temporary job placement for NÄTY’s students


Key partners of the Degree Programme in Theatre Arts

Cooperation related to common teaching and artistic activities

Uniarts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy
Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Collaboration with and memberships in professional organisations

Theatre Info Finland TINFO
Tampere Theatre Festival
Theatre Research Society TeaTS
Suomen Näyttelijäliitto ry

International research and training networks

International Federation for Theatre Research
International Platform for Performer Training

Student and teacher exchange related to the Norteas cooperation network, joint teaching, joint festivals and seminars

Syddansk Musikkonservatorium og Skuespillerskole, Odense
Skuespillerskolen ved Århus Teater, Århus
Statens Scenekunstskole, Copenhagen
Eesti Muusika ja Teatriakadeemia, Tallinn
Tartu Ülikool Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia, Tarto
Listaháskóli Íslands, Reykjavik
Lietuvos Muzikos Ir Teatro Akademija, Vilnius
Hogskolen i Ostfold, Halden
Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Oslo
Høgskolen i Nord-Trøndelag, Steinkjer
Stockholms dramatiska högskola, Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola
Teaterhögskolan i Luleå, Luleå
Teaterhögskolan i Malmö, Malmö
Teaterhögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet, Göteborg

Erasmus cooperation

KASK Conservatory, University College Gent

Work experience cooperation with professional theatres

The member theatres of the Association of Finnish Theatres
The member theatres of the Theatre Centre