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Information and Knowledge management group

NOVI – Research Group for Information and Knowledge Management

Research focus and goals

“How do we create value from knowledge?”

Our research interests in Information and Knowledge Management focus on offering, utilising and managing information and knowledge relating to organisations and the broader society in order to improve their operations. We are looking to answer questions such as how information and/or knowledge is best used by different stakeholders, how it is offered, how it creates value, how it can be improved and why different challenges and obstacles emerge. In particular, we are interested in value creation mechanisms, such as information technologies, data assets, data analytics, work systems and different types of networks.


NOVI group research areas


Our research in Information and Knowledge Management is internationally recognised in the fields of Information Systems (IS) and Knowledge management (KM) and we maintain close ties with the international scientific community. We are committed to research that delivers practical benefits and to generating new knowledge, solutions and expertise that support informed decision-making across society.

Our graduates (MSc, DTech, PhD) from the Degree Programme in Information and Knowledge Management are multidisciplinary professionals who are familiar with the tools of business economics and the opportunities that information technology opens up for human collaboration, information and data management and the development of organisations. They not only possess the knowledge and skills to convert data into information and apply new information and communication technologies but also have the ability to navigate the latest organisational trends – such as digitalisation – to address business challenges and societal problems. 

The research group consists of professors, postdoctoral research fellows, researchers, lecturers, doctoral researchers and research assistants.