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TAMK Student's Handbook

International Business Management - information for new students


Congratulations – you have been selected in the next intake! You are warmly welcome to join the TAMK community and start building your future. This page has information, guidelines and schedules, which help you in getting started. Please read these instructions carefully.

This page was updated on 10 June 2022. Please come back for further updates on 12 August.

Start of studies

Studies start on Wednesday, 7th September 2022 at 14:00 on TAMK main campus. Instructions will be sent by email.

Checking your original school leaving certificates, work certificates and other official documents will be extended until you are able to be physically present on campus. Student selection is always conditional until the originals have been compared with the ones sent in the application stage.



Orientation days are not only mandatory for all students, they are the best way to get started. You will see and hear about our facilities and services, meet with everyone in your study group and get to know each other, talk to the key people in building your future: the head of your programme, your tutor teacher, other lecturers, your study counsellor, TAMK social counsellor, student union members and many more.

Community & access to TUNI electronic services

Come and join the Microsoft Teams group for your study group 22YIBM. It is a closed group for admitted students and TAMK staff who will be working with the group. It’s a platform where questions are more than welcome and we will be happy to assist you with everything.

Before August, in order to join your group in Microsoft Teams and all other TUNI electronic services, you need to activate your TUNI user account. Please carefully follow these instructions in TUNI IT Handbook.

After activating your user account, you will need to set up multifactor authentication of your user account by linking your account to your mobile phone. See the instructions and follow them carefully.

IMPORTANT! If you are an international student, and you do not have the Finnish electronic banking credentials, you need a one-time access code to the service.

Students without Finnish online banking codes: To give you remote access we must verify your identity before you can receive a username and a password. Contact TAMK Social Counsellor by email (socialcounsellor.tamk [at] tuni.firel=" noopener" target="_blank") to activate your TUNI account. Be prepared to have a 15-minute Zoom video call on Monday-Friday at 8:00-16:00 Finnish time. Also have your passport or national ID ready to identify yourself.

Curriculum and credit transfer for prior Master's studies

Take a closer look at your curriculum to better understand your study and learning goals. The individual descriptions of courses include methods, teachers, timing of the course within the academic year, evaluation criteria and exam types.

This information is especially important if you wish to transfer credits for some previously completed Master-level courses, since you need to propose the substitution and discuss the matter with your study counsellor. If you have questions about credit transfer, it’s best to book a meeting time or to send email ahead of time to avoid the rush during orientation.

Contact information

Head of Progamme, Senior Lecturer Mr Sven Rassl (sven.rassl [at] tuni.firel=" noopener" target="_blank")

  • on vacation until 7 August         

Student Counsellor, Senior Lecturer Mr Janne Hopeela (janne.hopeela [at] tuni.firel=" noopener" target="_blank")

  • on vacation until 9 August
  • you can book a meeting with Student Counsellor Janne Hopeela after 9 August.

Study Affairs Coordinator, Ms Mervi Vainikainen (mervi.vainikainen [at] tuni.firel=" noopener" target="_blank")

  • on vacation 30 June -  26 July and 1 - 2 August
  • out of office always on Fridays

TAMK Welcome Team, welcome.tamk [at]

Published: 2.4.2019
Updated: 10.6.2022