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TAMK Student's Handbook

Accept your study place

All students must accept or decline the offered study place. TAMK usually has people on reserve places in the waiting list, so please be polite and do not leave them hanging. Confirmation should be done by using the unique link sent automatically from the Studyinfo service. If you are technically unable to use the link or have trouble completing the confirmation, please contact admissions.tamk [at] (TAMK Admissions).

You are free to accept your study place as soon as you have received the email notification. Please note that the confirmation is binding. After confirmation at TAMK you cannot accept another study place in higher education in Finland starting in the same term (autumn 1 August - 31 December / spring 1 January  - 31 July) that you may receive later (one study place principle, Universities of Applied Sciences Act 932/2014, Amendment 257/2015, section 28 c §). Confirmation cannot be altered or cancelled.

Fee-paying students only:

Please note that waiting for a study place from elsewhere may result in not being eligible for the Early Bird scholarship waiver (Bachelor’s degrees: accepting the offered place within 14 days / Master’s degrees: full annual payment by 31 May).

Deadlines for accepting / declining in Spring 2023

14 July 2023 – All initially offered study places must be accepted / declined  (by 3 pm Finnish time UTC+3).

31 July 2023 – All transfer and open path admissions study places must be accepted / declined (by 3 pm Finnish time UTC+3)

15 August 2023 – All waiting list study places must be accepted / declined  (by 3 pm Finnish time UTC+3).

If you are on the waiting list, please check your email, including spam and all other folders, regularly!

Please be aware that you may have an individual deadline which is indicated in both your conditional offer letter / acceptance letter and in Studyinfo.

Questions about confirming your study place?

Please feel free to contact TAMK Admissions.

Published: 24.6.2019
Updated: 26.4.2023