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TAMK Student's Handbook

Start immigration procedures

Please start your immigration clearance process immediately, as the study permit may take months to be issued. Prepare your documents and submit your application right away, as specifically identification at a consular service or an outside service provider office will require booking an appointment and thousands of students will be queuing for slots!

You can start the process online at EnterFinland and you should only fill in one application to avoid identification issues. You can always supplement your application with documents later on. Remember to keep your access codes and passwords safe. If you are unable to log into the service later on, you should rather email the Finnish Immigration Service than fill in a duplicate application.

Important things to remember:

  • You will need the official Acceptance Letter from TAMK to attach to the application
  • You should make sure to be able to establish sufficient independent funding for living in Finland
  • You must have sufficient insurance coverage for immigration
  • Always be truthful in giving information to avoid a negative decision
  • In case you receive a negative decision, please contact us for assistance

In case of a negative decision from the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), our policy is to defer any completed payments and possible awarded scholarships to the next cohort. The most important thing is to keep us informed. Last case scenario is reimbursement to the student, conditional to there having been no intentional fraud or malpractice in the application process. In all cases we will need a copy of the negative decision.

Once we have the copy of the declined application with grounds for the negative decision, we will make a determination on each case individually. We will advise each student based on the grounds of the decision, whether it would be wisest to appeal the decision, to issue a deferment or to reimburse the funds paid so far.

Once you have your immigration sorted and start to make travel plans, please keep the welcome.tamk [at] (TAMK Welcome Team) updated on your arrival details. We are happy to provide you assistance in for example finding your way from the airport to the city and to your apartment, finding the based essentials or a Survival Kit from the student union to get started with life in Tampere.

Published: 6.5.2019
Updated: 6.2.2024