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TAMK Student's Handbook

Nursing - information for new students

Congratulations – you have been selected in the next intake to 23TOKASA group to study as a registered nurse! You are warmly welcome to join the TAMK community and start building your future. This page has information, guidelines and schedules, which help you in getting started. Please read these instructions carefully.

Start of studies

Your studies start on 23 January 2023 at 9.30,  auditorium G00-10, TAMK Main Campus, Kuntokatu 3, Tampere, Finland. We will guide from main lobby forward.

If you are not in Finland that time, please let us know that. You should still be able to attend online. All who are in Finland please attend at TAMK, you are very welcome and your studies will begin the best possible way, when you come to TAMK.

On the first day, remember to bring with you your official ID: passport, Finnish identity card (with a photo) granted by the police, Finnish driver’s license, KELA photocard, EU/EEA national identity card (with a photo). Take also your pc/laptop, you will need it at everyday studies.

Our Study Affairs Coordinator will send you an email if your original school certificates need to be checked in TAMK.


Orientation days are not only mandatory for all students, they are the best way to get started. You will see and hear about our facilities and services, meet with everyone in your study group and get to know each other, talk to the key people in building your future: the head of your programme, your tutor teacher, other lecturers, your study counsellor, TAMK social counsellor, student union members and many more.

Last time to arrive personally to TAMK is 6.3.2023.

Before that date we expect that you can attend online to courses, because it is not possible to move your studies beginning time forward - it is 23.1.2023.

Joining Microsoft Teams

In order to join your group's Teams, you need to activate your Tuni account. See the Welcome to TAMK front page for more information, also see the instructions if you don't have a Finnish bank account from the front page. 

After you have activated your account you can request to join (Degree Programme) 2022-23 | Guidance and tutoring Microsoft Teams using this link, remember to use your new Tuni -account when logging in

You’ll be accepted to the group latest during the week when your orientation will start. In Teams you can find materials for orientation. You can also use Teams to ask questions from your teacher and student tutors. They are there at the group ready to welcome you!

Vaccination and tuberculosis risk

Since professional studies at TAMK start from the very beginning of the degree, you should prepare for your first clinical placements in the field. For this you will need to complete a Tuberculosis self-assesment  and provide our student health care information on your current vaccination coverage. Please fill in and save to yourself a self-assesment form from that page. If there is a need to supplement your vaccinations, this can be done at student health care (FSHS) at the beginning of your studies.

Read more information and  instructions for social and health care students concerning infectious diseases and vaccinations.


Take a closer look at your curriculum to  better understand your study and learning goals. The descriptions of courses include methods, teachers, timing of the course within the academic year, evaluation criteria and exam types.

The programme is bilingual (English and Finnish). Theoretical studies will be conducted at first mainly in English, combining Finnish.  At supervised clinical training (practical training)  you will use Finnish language. There are also courses in Finnish at your curriculum and more available at our university.

Practical training and clinical placements will happen in many different kind of health care environments. It means also shiftwork for students. So prepare to be able to practice in three-shift-work.


Report of earlier studies

Please report any earlier studies via this link. 

Contact information (notice there is a break for services during Christmas and New Year time)

Student Councellor Eija Piikkilä tel. +358 50 591 5560 eija.piikkila(at)

Study Affairs Coordinator Satu Kelhä tel. +358 40 801 6251 satu.kelha(at)

Admission office: admissions.tamk [at]



Published: 2.4.2019
Updated: 13.2.2023