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TAMK Student's Handbook

Environmental Engineering - information for new students


Congratulations – you have been selected in the next intake! You are warmly welcome to join the TAMK community and start building your future. This page has information, guidelines and schedules, which help you in getting started. Please read these instructions carefully.


Orientation day starts on TAMK main campus Tuesday 23 August 2022 at

11.00 am in  auditorium D1-04

There will be student tutors in the lobby (doors on Teiskontie side of TAMK) to guide you to the right place.

Please reserve every day from Tuesday till Friday for the orientation. The tutors will also organise social events in the evenings.


What you should do at this point

1) Take a closer look at your curriculum to better understand your study and learning goals. The better you know the course content the easier it it is for you to start studying. To start with, check what courses you will have in your first year.

2)  Fill in the short questionnaire  (link below)

3)Think of anything you would like to know about the course content and/or the beginning your studies and write an email to the student counsellor. We will update this page accordingly. 


Contact information

 Student Counsellor, Ms Taru Owston (taru.owston(at)


Please fill in a short questionnaire to help us to help you

A questionnaire about your background

Created: 2.4.2019
Updated: 7.6.2022