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Own computer in studies

Tampere University and TAMK

Electronic materials, services and learning environments are widely used for the purpose of teaching and learning at the University: the key e-resources that students need are available on the internet.

We recommend that our students use their own computer or BYOD model  (Bring Your Own Device), for example, to write, communicate online, create tables and charts, complete group wok activities, search the internet and prepare assignments. In addition, computers are available for students to use on all our campuses.

A lot of software that are used in the studies can be installed on your own computer ​​​​​​. Some of the programs are freely available and some are related to university agreements and licenses. For example, Microsoft 365 software can be downloaded free of charge to your computer.

You can also access the software used in the teaching via the TUNI Virtual Desktop service. The software is installed on a virtualisation platform that you can connect from your own computer.

Students’ own computers are not covered by the support provided by IT Services.

Studying facilities for students

There are facilities for university and TAMK students that are equipped with screens and docks or screens containing docks, to which one’s own laptop can be attached with a USB-C cable. As a rule Windows computers work with external devices without separate installation. Mac computer users need to install DisplayLink drivers from site DisplayLink macOS Software on their computer to ensure that external devices work properly.

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Published: 20.6.2019
Updated: 22.12.2023