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TAMK Student's Handbook

Educational Leadership - information for new students


Congratulations – you have been selected in the next intake! You are warmly welcome to join the TAMK community and start building your future. This page has information, guidelines and schedules, which help you in getting started. Please read these instructions carefully.

This page was updated on 2 April 2023. We will update the page info again by the end of May. Please come back latest then.

Start of Studies and MEL Intensive Weeks at TAMK Main Campus

Studies start with some pretasks early August 2023. More information will be provided on 7 August 2023 by e-mail.

MEL Intensive Weeks 2023 - 2024, TAMK Main Campus, Tampere

  • Intensive Week 1, 14 - 18 August 2023, TAMK Main Campus
  • Intensive Week 2, 15 - 19 January 2024, TAMK Main Campus
  • Intensive Week 3, mid-August 2024 (to be confirmed later), TAMK Main Campus

The first mandatory intensive week will be held 14 August to 18 August 2023

  • face-to-face at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK),
  • TAMK Main Campusaddress: Kuntokatu 3, 33520 Tampere, Finland.

The detailed agenda of the intensive week will be sent to you by e-mail in August before the intensive week.

During the Intensive Week, each day will start at 9.00 am and end at 5.00 pm with some breaks in between. There are also important social activities planned for Monday and Wednesday or Thursday evenings. Please reserve these dates fully and organise your travel and accommodation accordingly.

During the first intensive week you will hear more about the programme, the expectations, our services, meet with everyone in your study group and get to know each other, and talk to the key people in building your future: your colleagues and the teaching and other staff of TAMK.

Curriculum & Credit Transfer for Prior Master's Studies

Take a closer look at your curriculum to better understand your study and learning goals. The individual descriptions of courses include methods, teachers, timing of the course within the academic year, evaluation criteria and exam types.

This information is especially important if you wish to transfer credits for some previously completed Master-level courses, since you need to propose the substitution and discuss the matter with the head of the programme or with your study counsellor (see contact information below). If you have questions about credit transfer, it’s best to book a meeting time or to send email ahead of time to avoid the rush during orientation.

Contact Information

Heads of Progamme, Dr Päivi Mayor (paivi.mayor [at] tuni.firel=" noopener" target="_blank") and Mr Mark Curcher (mark.curcher [at] tuni.firel=" noopener" target="_blank")

  • on vacation between 12 June - 7 August         

Student Counsellor, Senior Lecturer Mr Janne Hopeela (janne.hopeela [at] tuni.firel=" noopener" target="_blank")

  • on vacation 12 June - 7 August
  • you can book a meeting with Student Counsellor Janne Hopeela after 7 August.

Study Affairs Coordinator, Ms Mervi Vainikainen (mervi.vainikainen [at] tuni.firel=" noopener" target="_blank")

  • on vacation (to be confirmed)
  • out of office always on Fridays

TAMK Welcome Team, welcome.tamk [at]

  • Remember to read all the instructions for new students carefully. If you still have questions e.g. about tuition fees, immigration, or arriving to Tampere, Finland, you can always send question to TAMK Welcome Team, also while the Study Affairs Coordinator or Student Counsellor are on vacation!
Published: 2.4.2019
Updated: 15.4.2023