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TAMKin pääkampus sijaitsee Kaupissa lähellä Tampereen keskussairaalaa.

TAMK Main Campus - buzz on the international campus

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
PhoneSwitchboard +358 (0)294 5222
LocationKuntokatu 3 , 33520 Tampere
TAMK Main Campus is located on Kuntokatu in the Kauppi area of Tampere, about three kilometres from Tampere's main railway station. Up to 8,000 people work and study there daily.

The main campus is a meeting place for students of many nationalities and from all fields of study, which greatly enriches the study experience. Hundreds of foreign degree students and exchange students from all around the world bring an international ambience to the campus. A real buzz can be felt when students from different fields of study and different countries work together in projects or to plan and organize events.

The campus has a wide variety of learning environments, where students develop professional skills on the learning-by-doing principle: laboratories, simulation rooms, multi-purpose learning spaces – and also traditional classrooms.

One of the multi-purpose learning spaces is HUBS, which is a learning hub for entrepreneurship studies. HUBS is an inspiring environment, open to all students of Tampere Universities community.

Health care students can practise their skills in the Tampere Centre for Skills Training and Simulation together with medical students and professionals of the field. The Centre is located in the Arvo building next to Tampere University Hospital (address: Lääkärinkatu 1).

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Kuntokatu 3
FI-33520 Tampere

Info desk

Opening hours Mon–Fri 8 am–4 pm
info.tamk [at] tuni.ficlass="spamspan link--external"
tel. +358 294 524 044

  • On Tuesday 6.12. and Friday 23.12.2022 Info desk is closed
  • 22.12.2022 - 5.1.2023 Info desk is open on weekdays Mon-Fri 8:30 am. - 4 pm.



Teiskontie 33
FI-33520 Tampere

Info desk

Opening hours Mon–Fri 7 am–9 am
Property's caretaker is available from the number of Info desk Mon-Fri 7 am. - 9 pm. and Sat 8 am.- 4 pm., vahtimestarit.tamk [at] tuni.ficlass="spamspan" tel. +358 294 524 066

  • OnTuesday 6.12. and Friday 23.12. Info desk is closed
  • On Thursday 22.12. caretaker services is available until 4 pm.
  • 27.12.2022 - 8.1.2023 property's caretaker is available on weekdays Mon-Fri 7 am. - 3 pm.