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Campus accessibility

Info desks

The info desks of the buildings are located close to the main entrances making them easy to approach also with a wheelchair. The info desks adivse you on the accessibility of the building, for example, the location of accessible toilets. Campus maps are available at the info desks. Some of the info desks have an audio induction loop.

Campus maps

Tampere University
    Hervanta Campus
    Kauppi Campus
    City centre campus

TAMK Main campus

Moving around the campuses

Accessibility to all the buildings is ensured by ramps, elevators and automatic doors. New elevators have voice control and many elevators also have Braille buttons.

On the Hervanta campus, the buildings are connected to each other by an accessible internal route. On the city centre campus, an unobstructed internal connection is found between the Main building and PinniB, and between PinniB and PinniA. The TAMK main campus has an accessible internal route between Kuntokatu 3 and Kuntokatu 4 through an overpass.

Resting rooms

The Kauppi campus, city centre campus and TAMK main campus have rooms for temporary resting. The rooms are locked and the info desk personnel open the door when necessary.

Kauppi campus
    Arvo, room D355

City centre campus
    Main building, room A101, close to the info point
    Pinni A, room 1058, next to the student association room
    Pinni B, room B0062
    Linna, room K126, 0 floor, close to the toilets

TAMK Main campus
    Kuntokatu 3, room G3-17

Teaching and meeting rooms

Most of the large auditoriums have space for wheelchairs either at the top or the bottom of the room, and automatic doors. Most of the teaching and meeting rooms have movable furniture.

The large lecture halls on the Kauppi and city centre campuses feature an audio induction loop and the other facilities may be equipped with a portable induction loop. On the Hervanta campus, an induction loop is found in the Festia auditorium while a portable loop may be used in the other rooms.

Parking and accompanying vehicles

All campuses have parking spaces for the disabled close to the entrances. Check the campus maps for the exact location of the parking spaces for the disabled as well as routes for accompanying vehicles.


The campus restaurants serve several different dishes each day. Ask the restaurant for an option that suits you. It is not possible to get food while sitting in a wheelchair in all the restaurants. In such cases, ask the restaurant personnel for help.

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