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Proakatemia, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
PhoneTAMK switchboard: +358 (0)3 245 2111
LocationKuntokatu 3 C2, 33220 Tampere

Proakatemia is an inspiring centre for entrepreneurship studies, where students' skills are fostered by TAMK coaches, alumni, and companies. Proakatemia is located in TAMK Main Campus.

Studying at Proakatemia

Proakatemia specializes in entrepreneurship. Students come from various degree programmes. Most students come from the Business Administration as well as Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership programmes, but there are also students from the Business Information Systems, Service Business, Physiotherapy, and Social Services degree programmes. Proakatemia also organizes master's degree studies and coaching in entrepreneurship.

Proakatemia uses team-learning methods. Teams of students create so-called team enterprises. Over 30 learning enterprises have been established by teams of Proakatemia students since 1999, with 3–4 new ones starting every year. Our team entrepreneurs have strong international networks.

Get to know us

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