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Team Coaching Academy koulutuskorttikuva.

Proakatemia Team Coaching Academy

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Tree – Continuing Education


Become the team coach of your dreams with the teachings of Proakatemia!

Starting next autumn, we will offer our partners the opportunity to study team coaching in TAMK Proakatemia. The module is specially tailored for teachers and leaders of educational organisations. The studies take approximately 6–8 months and are conducted both online and at Proakatemia in Tampere, Finland. The extent of the studies is 20 ECTS. The studies are in the EQF level 7.

What is a team coach?

A team coach has the will and ability to…

  • grow and learn together with others.
  • create and develop co-action.
  • encourage entrepreneurial action within the team.
  • use team learning methods and tools.
  • develop dialogue skills.
  • use questions to facilitate individual and team growth.
  • understand and trust the team learning processes.
  • direct own and others’ attention to what is valued by all.
  • encounter individual and the team in a way that strengthens the system.
  • guide the team towards its best potential by using its strengths.

What is Proakatemia?

TAMK Proakatemia is an academy of new knowledge and expertise where the students learn about entrepreneurship in team enterprises. Proakatemia operates on the principles of team learning and team coaching. Proatemia’s team coaches also have a long experience in training teachers to become new team coaches.

Learn to know Proakatemia by visiting their website

Team Coaching Mindset and Practises:

1) Introduction to team learning and coaching (3 ECTS)

  • The course is conducted fully online. This course is free of charge until its final project. Feel free to come and familiarise yourself with the contents to see, if team coaching is for you!

2) Team coaching mindset and methods (7 ECTS)

  • The course includes 5 contact days and independent work

3) Systemic team coaching and learning (5 ECTS)

  • The course is conducted fully online

4) Personal growth and organizational learning (5 ECTS)

  •  The coutre includes 5 contact days and independent work

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