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TAMK Student's Handbook

Professional Teacher Education

Welcome to study at School of Professional Teacher Education 

Congratulations - you are warmly welcome to start your Professional Teacher Education studies!   

On this site you will find information for new teacher students of TAMK selected in 2024. Please read the information below carefully. 


1. Accept your study place  

All students must accept or decline the offered study place. Confirm your study place in My Studyinfo service.  Confirm your study place by 8 April 2024 3pm (Finnish time) OR by the time stated in your personal admission letter. 

TAMK usually has people on the waiting list, so please be polite and do not leave them hanging. Confirmation should be done by using the unique link sent automatically from the Studyinfo service. If you are technically unable to use the link or have trouble completing the confirmation, please contact the TAMK Admissions Services.   

2. Register for first academic year  

All students must register for each academic year – either present or absent. Please note that first-year students can only register as absent on statutory grounds specified on our web page. 

3. Activate your TUNI-ID  (except if you already have tuni-id)

Notice that the activating of your TUNI-ID is possible just before your right to study is beginning.  

Register your Tampere Universities community username before the beginning of your studies. When you have registered for attendance and your information has been transferred to TAMK’s student register, you will receive a link to the username registration by email. The message will be sent from the address it-helpdesk [at] You need electronic banking personal identity codes or mobile ID to use the service. Some services do not work until your study right has begun (eg. enrolment on courses).  NB! If the e-mail doesn't arrive, check your junk mail folder. You can also activate your tuni-id in by yourself.

More information about activating your TUNI-ID and about IT-services can be found from our web page. 

Brief Info Webinar before orientation days 

  • Time and date:  2.5.2024 at 17-18 pm
  • Participation to this webinar is voluntary. 
  • In this webinar we will briefly go through the things students should do before the orientation days. Students will also have a chance to ask questions from the School of Professional Teacher education staff. 
  • The Info Webinar is held via Zoom. We will send link to the event via e-mail to those students, who have accepted their study place. 


You will need to do a pre-task before orientation days.  We will send the instructions about the pre-task by e-mail to students who have accepted their study place. 

Orientation days 

  • The studies begin at the orientation days at 16.-17. May 2024 at 12-16 pm
  • The orientation days are held via Zoom. We will send link to the event via e-mail to those students, who have accepted their study place.  
  • Orientation days are the first official contact between the new students and the staff. Let's get to know each other! 
  • At the orientation, you will get the general picture about the studies and all the procedures involved. We’ll also tell which IT-systems you will need in your studies. 
  • Your studies begin at the orientation days. If you cannot participate for the orientation, please inform us about it by e-mail (taok.tamk [at] 
  • Orientation days are one part of the course “Individual Study Plan and Portfolio”. 

Additional information 

Guidelines for Professional Teacher Education students -webpage 

  • We have gathered the most essential information for Professional Teacher Education students from the Students Handbook to this page. 


  • From he curriculum you’ll find the structure of teacher education, description of study modules and information about the principles of the studies. 

Moodle platform 

  • You will have access to Moodle platform after you have activated your TUNI-ID. 


  • Students’ Desktop. In Pakki, you can for example enroll to courses and see your completed courses and credits.

Contact information

Student Counsellor: Ville Nevalainen  
Student administration, Service Point: palvelupiste.tamk [at]

Published: 13.3.2020
Updated: 21.3.2024