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Multiscale Mechanics of Materials

International Multiscale Mechanics of Materials Research Group, IMPACT focuses on microscopic and macroscopic mechanical testing of materials at different strain rates and temperatures. We focus on improving the basic scientific understanding of material behavior, but also solve practical industrial problems involing high rate material deformation.

Research focus and goals

We conduct both scientific and applied research on the dynamic behavior of all materials focusing especially on the effects of external variables, such as strain rate, temperature and humidity on the material properties and behavior. These conditions occur for example several manufacturing processes, such as forging and machining, as well as in different impact events, such as car crashes and ballistic applications.

We use the various impact tests and the Hopkinson Split Bar methods at different strain rates and temperatures, and characterize the material behavior using high speed optical and infrared cameras. Examples of current research interests include effects of adiabatic heating on the dynamic plasticity, failure, and fracture of materials.

Our goal is to advance the basic scientific understanding of materials structure-property relationships in the dynamic strain rate regime. Simultaneously we are working on industry relevant problems concerning impact and other high rate phenomena of all materials including rocks, metals, polymers, and composites.

We are also continuously developing experimental characterization methods for high and low temperature testing at high strain rates, and various high speed digital photography and digital image correlation techniques for studying dynamic phenomena.