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Mikko Hokka: Mechanical behaviour of materials

Published on 14.6.2022
Tampere University
Mikko Hokka is Professor of Materials Science at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. His research work is related to the mechanical behaviour of materials and the assessment and prediction of their performance in challenging conditions, such as at high and low temperatures and under impact-like strain.

“I study, for example, how cars can be made lighter and at the same time more collision-safe, how phone screens could remain intact even if the phone falls on the floor, or how a rock drill could break rock more efficiently without damaging the drill itself,” Hokka says.

The aim of the research is to develop more accurate methods to measure material properties. By combining our knowledge of material microstructure and its mechanical properties, we can learn to understand how material properties can be affected to extend their lifetime and improve their strength and safety.

According to Hokka, materials science combines basic sciences, such as physics and chemistry, with applied sciences, such as mechanical engineering. Compared to many other disciplines, the impact of the research results can be seen quickly.

“The mechanical properties of materials are often key factors in solving major social and technical and scientific problems. Better and more durable materials and computer models that promote their sustainable use can help preserve natural resources and improve energy efficiency."

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