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Selected publications

- Pournoori, N., Rodera, O., Jokinen, J., Hokka, M., Kanerva, M., 2022. Failure prediction for high-strain rate and out-of-plane compression of fibrous composites. Composites Science and Technology 218.

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- Oscar Rodera Garcia Farzin Javanshour, Nazanin Pournoori, Jarno Jokinen, Mikko Hokka, Mikko Kanerva GCS. HIGH-SPEED THERMAL MAPPING AND IMPACT DAMAGE ONSET IN CFRP AND FFRP. Compos. Meet Sustain. – Proc. 20th Eur. Conf. Compos. Mater., 2022.

- Pournoori N, García OR, Jokinen J, Hokka M, Kanerva M. Homogenization effects on simulated pultruded glass fibre reinforced laminate under compression–from static to dynamic models. EPJ Web Conf., vol. 250, EDP Sciences; 2021, p. 2034.

- Pournoori, N., Corrêa Soares, G., Orell, O., Palola, S., Hokka, M., Kanerva, M., 2021. Adiabatic heating and damage onset in a pultruded glass fiber reinforced composite under compressive loading at different strain rates. International Journal of Impact Engineering 147.

- Railanmaa, A., Soltani, A., Lehtimäki, S., Pournoori, N., Keskinen, J., Hokka, M., Lupo, D., 2020. Skin-conformable printed supercapacitors and their performance in wear. Scientific Reports 10.

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- Assaee, H., and Pournoori, N., “Forced Vibration Analysis of Isotropic Shells Made of Viscoelastic Material Using Spline Finite Strip Method”, 14th International Conference of Iranian Aerospace Society, 10-12 March, 2015, Tehran, Iran.