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Alemnis in-situ nanoindenter

Hub for Hydrogen-Materials Interaction Research Infrastructures - H2MIRI

The transition to a hydrogen economy poses unprecedented challenges in the energy, raw materials and transportation industries. New hydrogen-based processes and applications need to be introduced in a very short time to meet climate goals. However, little is known about the interactions of hydrogen with materials such as steels, which are central to the functions of our society. Understanding the interactions is becoming increasingly important for the development and commercialization of reliable and safe hydrogen technologies. For example, in load-bearing structures, the embrittlement of materials caused by hydrogen can have catastrophic effects, and the use of hydrogen as a fuel does not produce the same lubricating film on engine surfaces as fossil fuels. H2MIRI's local infrastructures answer to these needs with powerful characterization techniques, strengthen the division of roles between the partners, and deepen know-how and enable the society to produce the information it needs.

Funding source

Suomen Akatemia Academy of Finland logo

Coordinating organisation

University of Oulu


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Tampere University