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The first researchers of the new research collegium begin their work

Published on 24.9.2021
Tampere University
yliopiston lippu
A total of 18 researchers from the fields of technology, health and society will join Tampere University’s research collegium this autumn. During a two-year research period, they will have the opportunity to focus on their research without distractions and thus progress to the next level in their careers.

The research collegium posts were advertised internationally, and 622 applications were received.

Established this year, the new research collegium covers all the disciplines represented at Tampere University. Tampere Institute for Advanced Study, Tampere IAS, is the University’s investment in the advancement of scientific knowledge.

“Without highest-quality research we would not be the University we want to be. Discussions with the scholars appointed to the posts have convinced me that we will hear more about all of them in the future,” says Director Juha Teperi from the collegium.

The appointed researchers are


Postdoctoral Research Fellows, Technology

Matias Koivurova
Correlations and Optical Vortices: Avenues for Radically Innovative and Novel Technologies – COVARIANT

Antti Kurvinen
Comprehensive Approach to Model Development of Building Stocks

Tomi Ryynänen
MUUMI: Multifunctional 3D Microelectrode Arrays for 3D in Vitro cell Cultures

Postdoctoral Research Fellows, Health

Reeja Maria Cherian
Illuminated Oxygen and pH Sensing Cardiomyocytes to Model Myocardial Ischemia for High Content Drug Screening

Noora Nevala
Live-Imaging of Retinal Pigment Epithelium Interaction with Photoreceptor Cells in Zebrafish

Sara Hamis
Bridging Spatial and Evolutionary Game Theory: Implications in Mathematical Oncology

Postdoctoral Research Fellows, Society

Mira Käkönen
Volatile Waters and the Politics of Infrastructure in Times of Climate Urgency

Petteri Hansen
EDNEXT - Education for the Next Society: Revisiting Epistemes, Policies and Practices of Educational Futurization

Oana Cojocaru
Hope Springs Eternal: Constructing Hope and a Meaningful Life in Middle Byzantium

Senior Research Fellows, Technology

Mikhail Silaev
Exotic Dynamical States in Hybrid Quantum Systems (ExoQuant)

Matti Isakov
Impact-induced Fatigue in Materials with Metastable Austenitic Phase Structures

Heli Koivuluoto
Sustainable Anti-icing Solutions by Future Surface Engineering Designs

Senior Research Fellows, Health

Kirsi Granberg
Malignant Gene Regulation in Glioblastoma

Sari Tojkander
Biophysics in the Homeostasis of Epithelial Tissues – Implications for the Progression of Pathophysiological Conditions

Johanna Virkki
Intelligent Clothing for Better Health and Society

Senior Research Fellows, Health

Mikko Peltola
POEMPATH: Precursors of Empathy in Early Childhood

Annika Svedholm-Häkkinen
Cognitive Foundations of Argument Literacy

Matthew Wolf-Meyer
Concussion and the Racial Economy of Debility