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Gender Studies

Gender Studies at the Tampere University has a strong interdisciplinary and social science orientation. Our research draws on and contributes to recent developments in feminist theories and methodologies, and engages actively with the societal and political contexts it arises from. We approach gender intersectionally, analysing how gender emerges in relation to other categories of difference, such as race and ethnicity, class, sexuality, age and disability.

Our key research areas include: politics, economy and activism; science, technology and higher education; politics of affect, emotions and embodiment; and working life. 

Testifying to the strength and success of our research, “Gender, institutions and politics” is mentioned as a top research field at Tampere University. This reflects the significance, impact and high quality of gender studies at both national and international levels.

Gender Studies at Tampere university has one ERC funded project, 4 Academy of Finland funded projects, 4 Academy of Finland Research Fellows and Postdoctoral Researchers, one Nordic Centre of Excellence and three Kone Foundation projects. In addition to strong research in the field of gender studies, these projects offer opportunities for our Masters level students to do their theses within the projects. We also welcome PhD student applications. The projects can be found on the research tab. Our Gender Studies Master's programme welcomes application every two years, while our Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences can be applied to twice a year.

Banner: Art by Jukka Metsäaho, photo by Samuli Turunen