Petra Ahrens

Academy Research Fellow
Faculty of Social Sciences
| Sub unit: Unit of Social Research

About me

I am Academy of Finland Research Fellow for my project “On the road to gender-sensitive parliaments? Gender Equality and Democratic Practices in the Finnish, German, and Polish Parliament Compared” (GSParls). For the project I will carry out fieldwork and qualitative interviews in the three countries and I will (1) develop a comparative methodological framework to study gender-sensitivity and democratic practices in parliaments and parties, (2) integrate norm diffusion theories into institutional and other approaches to reveal endogenous struggles within parliaments and map inter-parliamentary lesson learning, (3) focus on intersectional aspects to capture gender equality in its complexity, and, (4) engage and exchange research findings with parliamentary, political and administrative actors. 

My research interests are gender policies and politics, political representation, party politics and democracy. I have mainly focused on the European Union and its institutions, transnational civil society organisations, participatory democracy, social politics, political strategies like gender mainstreaming, and gender equality in Germany.