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About me

I am Senior Lecturer and Head of Gender Studies at Faculty of Social Sciences at Tampere University. I reached my PhD in Adult Education at University of Tampere in 2011 and became a Docent in Gender Studies at University of Tampere in 2015.

My research has focused on intersections of age, gender, and class in the various contexts of men’s ageing, such as health and (chronic) illness, work and retirement, anti-ageing and management of ageing embodiment, grandfathering practices, and communities. I’m currently working on three projects on men’s ageing:

  1. An ethnographic study of the Yoga for Old Guys. I’m exploring the ways in which age-related and gendered norms of bodily functioning (re)produce age-based relation(ship)s between men in a men-only environment.
  2. MANage: Finnish qualitative longitudinal study on men’s ageing (2009-). Together with Ilkka Pietilä (Uni Helsinki) we are investigating how cultural ideals of masculinity create models and limits for men’s experiences of their own ageing and changing statuses (e.g. from employee to retiree) in an ageing society.
  3. Mill Village Boys: Social Communality among Older Men. Together with Elisa Tiilikainen (Uni Eastern Finland), Marjaana Seppänen (Uni Helsinki) and Ilkka Pietilä (Uni Helsinki) we are analysing aspects of ageing in place, place-bound identity and belonging to an older men’s community based on a shared experience of living in rural township in the 1960s.

In addition, I’m leading project Needs for social support among men in continued PSA screening (2023-) and co-leading the multidisciplinary psychosocial cancer research project QPro3: Life-satisfaction after prostate cancer treatments: a follow-up study with interview and survey data (2017-, see I’m also involved in a group of researchers, which is developing feminist pedagogy both in theory and in practice.

I have published in such international journals as Men & Masculinities, International Journal of Men’s Health, NORA: Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research, Ageing & Society, Journal of Aging Studies, The Gerontologist, and Sociology of Health and Illness. I have also written and co-edited several books in Finnish.

I am Vice-Chair of Network for Gender Studies Finland HILMA, Vice-Chair of Finnish Association of Critical Studies on Men and Masculinities and Member of the board of Finnish gender studies journal Sukupuolentutkimus-Genusforskning.

Selected publications

Publications in English:

Talvitie, Anna-Maija, Ojala, Hanna, Tammela, Teuvo & Pietilä, Ilkka (2023) Prostate cancer-related sexual dysfunction. The significance of social relations in men’s reconstructions of masculinity. Culture, Health and Sexuality. DOI:10.1080/13691058.2023.2250410 (open access)

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Pietilä, Ilkka & Ojala, Hanna (2023) The Loss of Work Motivation among Older Male Employees: Critical Perspectives to Policies Aimed at Extending Working Life in Finland. In Burnay N, Ogg J, Krekula C & Vendramin P (eds.) Older Workers and Exclusion Processes on the Labour Market. A life course perspective. Life Course Research and Social Policies 14. Springer, Cham. 45-60. (open access)

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